We know it by now: a team that gets along, works well together. Thus, companies spend time and resources to develop camaraderie among teams. When it’s done yearly though, the games can get old and predictable – so it’s crucial for organizers to come up with something new when the annual company outing comes along.

Here are some activities you can try, courtesy of Delegate vendors:

 1. Giant Pick Up Sticks

We’re sure you remember playing this with your fingers. Now that you and your officemates are grown, so have the sticks, so why not have a go an using your entire hands and arms to pick ‘em up?

1 pick up sticks

2. Giant Jenga

Another childhood classic is the Jenga. Try this life-size twist to the good ‘ol game which Singapore Lawn Games has made bigger, better, taller and louder!

2 giant jenga

3. Mural Painting

Do you want to develop social responsibility and creativity at the same time? Social Creatives provides public mural painting sessions to help with team-building and bonding purposes. Don’t worry – their team will help to facilitate and guide your members throughout the painting process.

3 mural painting

 4. Calligraphy

Whether you want to hone your team’s creativity, or are in the business of art, art lettering is a skill and hobby that can come in handy. Leah Design offers Brushlettering workshops to share her skills, experience, and vision – that is, to inspire, heal or simply make someone’s day with a thoughtful piece of art.

4 calligraphy

5. Mega Adventure

Have you got a team who’s into adventure? Then there’s nowhere like Mega Adventure to bring your corporate team or group together. Located in the jungle on Sentosa Island, the park includes an exhilarating 450m zip line, 36 obstacle high ropes course, 15m ParaJump free fall simulator and rock climbing wall as well as activities and games on the stunning Siloso Beach. Each activity is a challenge by choice, and there are varying levels of difficulty, meaning that everyone can complete the activities and have fun while doing so!

5 mega adventure

6. Cooking

Take the teamwork out of the boardroom and into the kitchen with cooking lessons! CulinaryOn transforms the traditional cooking studio into a unique culinary playground that amps up the fun and excitement in their cooking parties. Each master class session is hosted by an executive chef, a sous chef, an event master, a barman and a photographer. Under the attentive guidance of our experienced culinary team, participants will get to whip up three fabulous dishes in just three hours.

6 cooking

7. Chocolate Making

If your team’s not into cooking, but more into sweets, Anjali Chocolat has just the right activity for them. Their “Chocolate Challenge”, where teams compete to create chocolates inspired by a theme, has proved to be very popular. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

7 chocolate making

8. The F1 Challenge

With The F1 Challenge, Jambar Team Building brings the need for speed to Singapore. It’s not what you think – you won’t be working on real cars, but will be building one! This team building activity combines a design challenge with a race, as teams craft custom cars and put them to the test. Use this high-octane challenge to bring racetrack levels of excitement to your next corporate function.

8 F1 challenge

9. Discover Singapore

Got a team of expats? Or simply want to give your team a renewed vision of Singapore? Try Jambar Team Building’s Discover Singapore game. Complete puzzles and tasks, interact with your environment, as you move from landmark to landmark in this adventurous series of team building missions and activities. It’s a playfully competitive way to take in Singapore while bonding with co-workers, friends, and new acquaintances alike, this activity is the perfect way to boost laughter and teamwork in any organization.

9 discover singapore

10. Values Game

Of course, teambuilding can be both fun and introspective. If this is your aim, try Jambar Team Building’s The Values Game. The Values Game will gather informative knowledge on how your employees uphold the values of the company in their daily working life. They will be faced with various scenarios, all designed to test your employees on how they interpret and respond under pressure and uncertainty . Will their values be compromised? Or will they uphold them?

It’s a great way to align the company’s culture and values with that of the employees, while building camaraderie.

10 values game