Summer is the perfect time to host a party for kids — the days are longer and the weather is just glorious! Whether it’s a birthday, an achievement, or simply the start of summer you’re celebrating, fun outdoor themes will make kids forget about the heat, and make memories to last for years.

  1. Camping

Turn the kids into happy campers with an American summer camp theme. Tents are given, but adding tepees, sleeping bags and camping logs will complete the ambience. Activities can range from a sing-along around campfire, creating smores or their own trail mix, and the classic storybook reading. Channel the forest with a “woodsy” color scheme.

  1. Hawaiian Luau

Aloha! It’s the perfect time to turn your backyard into paradise. Play reggae music, teach hula dance and hit a piñata for some good fun. Have each guest arrive in island wear (think Hawaiian shirts for boys and grass skirts and lei for girls) and serve up fresh summer food – kebabs, corn on the cob and fruit punch fit the bill!

  1. Fiesta

Latin Americans are known for their loud, colourful and fun street parties. Host your own Cinco de Mayo party by dressing up the venue with colourful printed table cloths, buntings, real or makeshift cactuses and playing an upbeat Spanish guitar soundtrack. Beat the heat by snacking on tacos, nachos and some limonada. Don’t forget to have your sombreros in tow!

  1. Sprinkler or Water Fight

Celebrate the Songkran in your very own backyard by hosting a sprinkler or water fight party. Gear up with protective swimwear (like rashguards and beach shorts), sunscreen, and loaded water guns and sprinklers. To avoid wasting water, schedule the party on gardening day. This is perfect for when the heat has become unbearable! 

  1. Obstacle Course

Does your child and his friends have a competitive or outdoorsy streak? They’ll enjoy an obstacle course party! Set up tasks that will help them use different skills, such as climbing, balancing and throwing for motor skills; smelling, touching and searching for sensory skills. Not only will they have fun, it’s a great exercise for learning as well!

  1. Tee Off or Mini-Golf

This one is for the budding golfers. Transform your lawn into a putt-putt course by mowing the lawn very short, and setting up nine holes or a few. Have fun and play around with varying directions, or use ramps for added challenge. Not only will your child have a swinging time during the tee-off, he’ll have fun helping you set up the course too!

  1. Ball Game

If your child and his friends are into ball games, why not host a tournament on your backyard or the nearby sports center? Divide the kids into smaller groups and host a series of playoffs for volleyball, basketball or soccer games. End by serving them a filling and refreshing lunch, and a trophy for the winning team!

  1. Pixie or Fairy Party

Does your little girl spend her play time imagining that she’s a fairy princess? This one is for her! Transform the backyard into a magical woodland as seen in Disney movies, with replicas of fireflies, vines, flowers, wood logs and huge mushrooms. Give out some bubbles and “fairy dust” made of confetti and glitter for kids to play with – it will add to the mystical ambience that you’re going for!


  1. Cowboy Party

You don’t need to live in the Wild Wild West to feel like a cowboy!    Get everyone decked in jeans, boots and plaids, and ready to take on cowboy-themed games. Lasso toss, Pin-the-Donkey, and Hula Hoop games fit the theme quite perfectly. Teach them hoedown dances to hillbilly music for some added fun.

  1. Outdoor Movie Party

Who says movie nights always have to be indoors? Make use of a projector and screen to screen a movie outdoors. You can set up bean bags for the kids to lie on, or complete the slumber party outdoors by camping in tents. Don’t forget the chips and popcorn!


(Image Credit: Kids Table Setting)