It’s not just girls… everyone wants to have fun, especially during parties. When hosting a party at home, your responsibility doesn’t end with entertaining your guests. You also need to make sure that your party is safe for everyone.

Careful party planning helps cut down the chances of having safety problems. Here is a list of questions and considerations you need to think about and plan for to help ensure your party is safe and fun.

  1. Is your home a safe place to hold a party? How many people will it hold comfortably? How will you set-up your home for the party? Check your home for safety issues.
  1. Do you need to make security arrangements? Can you monitor people coming and going? Consider doing so if you have a large guest list.
  1. Will you be playing loud music? Think about your neighbours. Test your sound system to have an idea how far the noise carries. You may want to inform your neighbours about the party so they won’t report you for disturbing the peace.
  1. How will people be getting there and back home? Who is driving? What if they get drunk or too tired to drive home safely? You may need to prepare extra bedding for guests who need to stay overnight.
  1. Who will be attending your party? The type of guests invited will affect some of the decisions you need to make. Will it be adults only? Will there be young ones under 18?
  1. How will the party be catered? Will you be supplying food and drinks, is it a potluck affair, or will there be a caterer? Make sure to have a clean and safe source of all your food and drinks.
  1. Will you be serving alcohol? If there’s alcohol, make sure there’s plenty of food and non-alcohol alternatives. Make food easily accessible. Monitor alcohol consumption. Serve alcoholic drinks only on request. Designate a person who is not drinking to take charge of the bar area to help manage the amount of alcohol consumption.
  1. How do you keep your party guests entertained? Games, karaoke, dance music and movies can keep people entertained and take their attention away from drinking.
  1. How do you deal with problem behaviour? Keep calm and try to avoid getting into an argument. Talk to the offending person in private. Offer them alternatives to alcohol or see if another friend or relative can influence them to calm down.
  1. Do you have a plan for emergencies? Have a list of important phone numbers such as the police, hospital and taxi services. Make sure you know how to deal with basic emergencies.

(Image Credit: Safe Party)