1. Naked Cakes

These inside-out cakes are absolutely beautiful and not to mention, very unique. Surprise your guests with this design that’s both picture perfect and delish!

  1. Ombre Cakes

Every wedding has its own color scheme. Reflect your colour scheme by having an ombre cake that will surely catch everyone’s attention.

  1. Floral cakes

Whether they’re real or made of frosting, cakes with floral designs are always stunning. Popular styles include placing flowers in between tiers or draping them.

  1. Tilted cakes

Make your wedding cake whimsical by having a topsy-turvy design. Have the tiers tilted different ways too.

  1. Minimalist Cake

Understated and simple cakes exude a lot of classiness and elegance. Like these cakes, for example.


  1. Metallic cakes

Cakes with hints of gold or silver add more sparkle and shine to your wedding. Plus, they’re edible too!

  1. Black and white cakes

The days of avoiding the color black for a wedding are now gone. If you’re having a black and white colour scheme for your wedding, why not include the same palette for your cake?

  1. Rainbow cakes

Everybody loves rainbows, especially edible ones. Rainbow cakes may be pricey because of the time spent in making every colour, but they sure are attention-grabbers.

  1. Mosaic Cakes

If you’re searching for highly artistic and less generic designs, have a mosaic cake. This design is especially great for weddings held at art galleries or museums.

  1. Ruffled cakes

Adding ruffles adds interesting texture and flair to wedding cakes. Whether minimalistic or filled with flowers, this design is a definite stunner!

So, which ones are your favorites? Let us know by commenting below!

(Image Credits: Naked 1/ Naked 2/ Ombre 1/ Ombre 2/ Floral 1/ Floral 2/ Tilted 1/ Tilted 2/ Minimalist 1/ Minimallist 2/ Metallic 1/ Metallic 2/ Black and White 1/ Black and White 2/ Rainbow 1/ Rainbow 2/ Mosaic 1/ Mosaic 2/ Ruffled 1/ Ruffled 2)