There are different kinds of health-conscious guests—from fitness enthusiasts who follow strict diets to food fashionistas who swear by the latest health trends to meticulous vegetarians and vegans—and they present both a challenge and an opportunity for event planners and caterers alike. Healthy and sustainable food is one of the hottest trends in the food service industry today. While healthy menus are the IN thing, they do not have to be the bland and tasteless “healthy food” of the past. Today’s healthy food choices need to be delicious, varied, and fun to entice your guests. And, in a social media-crazed world, it doesn’t hurt for the food to look amazing and Instagram-worthy. Here are some menu options for catering ideas to health-minded guests at your next event.

Guilt-free Skewers

Serving food on sticks is quick, easy and fuss-free. There are limitless combinations that you can come up with. You can offer everything from vegetarian to high protein skewers or mix it up with a combination of healthy ingredients such as cheese and vegetables for an explosion of flavors. A medley of chicken, vegetables, and seafood will surely earn you plaudits. You can also use skewers to serve cubed fruits as a healthier dessert option. Sprout Salad Bar gives you endless options for wholesome gatherings.

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Wholesome Hors d’oeuvres

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Carb-saving Hors d’oeuvres from Sprout Salad Bar.

A good way to cut carbohydrates or even eliminate them from the menu is to use serve eye-catching hors d’oeuvres in its place. Yes, there is a foolproof way to go low-carb without sacrificing on the taste, quality, and aesthetics! The combinations of toppings are versatile and depend largely on your preferences. You can mix salad greens with lean meat, chicken or fish and seafood. Thinly sliced bread or crostini—especially the organic variety—are also a step up from the traditional basic carbohydrate-filled sandwiches.

Pick Healthier Snack Alternatives 

Snacks provide a much-needed energy boost during a long event, but your guests don’t have to munch on empty calories. Swap your snack items with healthier alternatives. For example, instead of cookies, serve granola or trail mix or vegetables and hummus instead of croissants. Another option is to offer a juicing bar stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables as a healthier picker upper than lattes.

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Juice Bar Options from HIC Juice.

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Healthy snack options by The Edible Co.

Have a Crudité Station

A new twist on the old salad bar, your crudité station offers fresh vegetables and fruits cut to bite sized pieces and a number of healthy dips. Guests can simply choose their favorites and mix and match them. Crudités are excellent finger food for the health-conscious. And with the different colors and textures of the fruits and vegetables, your crudité station will surely look very appetizing.

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An eye-candy of carb-free appetizers from Grain Catering.

 Offer Vegetarian and Vegan options

Most catering companies usually have a third of their food offerings vegetarian or vegan. This guarantees that the menu is balanced and all guests will be provided for. Smart caterers can draw inspiration from cuisines with plenty of vegetarian options, such as Indian or Chinese cuisine. If catering to vegan guests, you must be as meticulous as possible and make sure that all ingredients of your vegan menu are free from meat and any products made from animals (like dairy, eggs, and fat). However, as an option, a savvy caterer can create vegan options that will appeal to carnivores and vegetarians, as well.

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Filling vegetable dishes by Grain Catering.

These are just five healthy menu ideas that you can use to satisfy health-conscious guests. Whatever menu you come up with, the important thing is to keep it balanced, nutritious, and most importantly, delicious.

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