1. Venue

Gardens, resorts and hotels are just a few of the many venues you can hold your cocktail party in. When going venue-hunting though, factor in the practicality of the place. For most couples, hotels or restaurants are convenient choices because aside from experience, these establishments already have their own suppliers. For couples who are looking at holding a party at a garden or a non-traditional venue, it’s essential to find the right outside suppliers and assess its possible cost.

2. Enough Seating and Tables

This event calls for a lot of standing and socialising. It is essential to set enough tables at the venue. While it is true that cocktail parties don’t require seats, it is still important to at least provide some chairs for certain guests, such as the elderly. Availability of seats allows them to rest and at the same time, enjoy the party.

3. Dress Code

Cocktail attires are usually less formal. Women can wear knee-length dresses, while men still have to wear dress pants and dress shirts. Since it’s not as formal, men can play up their tie or socks by choosing colors or styles that are quirky or playful. Most importantly, invitations must specifically include the dress code. Sample images of ideal attire for men and women can also be helpful and a source of fashion inspiration for the guests.

4. Entertainment

Just like any other party, entertainment is needed to enliven the atmosphere. Depending on the theme of the event, you can hire a singer, live band or a string quartet. Always choose entertainers who have talent and good reputation.

5. Food and Drink

In your invitation, it would be proper to include a statement that says something like, “Please join us for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres following the ceremony”. Cocktail events don’t require serving full meals but do entail serving amuse bouches to your guests, as well as drinks.

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