5 Ways to Get Your Event #Trending

It’s something that every event planner dreams of: opening their Twitter account and seeing that their event’s hashtag is trending. Seeing people talk about your event, especially if they have good things to say about it, is a validation of your good work and planning.

To make the most of the Twitter conversation going, Delegate has gathered a few tips for you:

1. Create a day-of-the-event social media plan.

First off, create just one hashtag that sticks. By using one consistently, you keep the conversation curated properly, and easier to find. Before and during the event, share the hashtag on collateral, posters, screens, and pretty much anywhere you’ll be promoting your event.

On the day itself, have someone in charge of posting real-time content using your official account, and interacting with tweets from the audience. This will keep the conversation going.

Pro Tip: Prepare FAQs and answers to them, so that the social media manager can focus on real-time conversations.

2. Create and use content that packs a punch.

Prepare ahead and have shareable photos, videos, and quotes from the event. Seeing awesome content from your event will encourage the rest of the audience to chime in, or better yet, share their own footage of the event. Moreover, being prepared ahead of time helps you ensure consistency, and accuracy, when you share your content real-time.

Pro Tip: Dedicate someone to live-tweet quotes or share a live-stream. This way, even those who are not at the event can join the conversation.

3. Have good (read: Instagrammable) event aesthetics and shareable happenings in your event.

For those who will be at the event, a dedicated photo zone, as well as photo-worthy details such as signs or branded merchandise, give your guests more content to share. For many people on Twitter, that must-not-be-missed experience makes for good content – have at least one in your program.

Pro Tip: If resources allow, you may also try having an official photographer or videographer, and post content directly on Twitter for guests to share. This way, you create a branded “look” for your event.

4. Encourage more tweets through a contest.

To rack up more tweets, host a contest! A basic mechanic would be to ask the guests to use the hashtag and post a photo or quote from the event, but you can be more creative of course.

Pro Tip: Have a social media leaderboard at the event, to show who’s leading. Reward top tweeters with brand-related prizes, such as merchandise, or perhaps a ticket to your next event.

5. Tap into your speakers’ influence.

It’s very likely that your speakers and guests would have some influence in the industry. Tap into this by asking them to tweet to their own following. This widens your reach even beyond the people attending your event, and lends credibility to your brand.

Pro Tip: Have a Q&A session with speakers and invite people on Twitter to ask questions. This way, you reach those who were not able to attend your event.

Photo credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-holding-turned-on-camera-2278256/