It’s your precious child’s birthday! Do you really want your son or daughter to have a birthday party that’s exactly like most of the others that he or she has already attended? Make an effort to make it memorable. Be creative, and dare to be different from the Spiderman-Frozen-Toy Story crowd.

If you want to throw an awesome children’s party that will be remembered and enjoyed by family and friends, here are some themes and ideas to get you started:

1. Wild Kingdom
Kids of any age can relate to this. There are lots of variations to this theme – dogs, cats and bunnies, dinosaurs or jungle animals. You can have colourful animal faces in your streamers, banners, masks, and even on cupcakes. A fun game would be animal charades where the kids mime animal actions and mimic sounds, with prizes given for the correct answers.

2. Art Jam
Unleash the inner artist in your child. Have a party in your child’s favourite colour. It can be bright, solid blocks of rainbow colours; a girly pretty in pink or pastel theme; or neon with lasers theme. Set up easels for the little ones and let them paint to their hearts’ content. Hire a face painter or DIY yourself. Scatter some colouring books for the wee ones to use as well.

3. Sweet Dreams
Bedtime can be fun too, right? Let the kids come in their pj’s, with their favourite cuddly plush toys in tow. They’d love to have some milk and cookies! Pillow fight, anyone? They’ll be eager to listen and trade favourite bedtime stories or lullabies sung by the older siblings.

4. Sporty Fun
If your child is a budding athlete, encourage their interest by planning a sports-themed party. Have everyone wear their favourite team jersey and let them play team games. Throw in a cheering competition too!

5. Space Invaders
Little kids love to play pretend. Let your little one become an alien-defeating astronaut fighting off Earth’s invasion for one day. They’ll enjoy travelling the universe in their spaceships and using their supersonic laser guns on enemy forces. Decorate the walls with photos of planets, faraway galaxies, and different kinds of spacecraft. Add glow-in-the-dark stars or build a fort for that added touch

6. Treasure Hunt
Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Let the kids look for hidden items like toys, gold chocolate coins, and other prizes through clues they earn after performing some challenges or clues scattered throughout the venue. Decorate your space like a treasure island or a pirate ship, or create a tropical vibe to the party.

Children’s parties need not be elaborate or expensive to be special. They just have to be fun! Remember the most important thing is to celebrate a special occasion with family and friends you love.

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