Wedding guides and tips are a dime a dozen, but nothing beats good old experience in making sure that nothing goes wrong on the day. Wedding planners have probably seen it all, and here we’ve gathered some clever and probably never heard of before tricks from some experts.

  1. Have an emergency kit ready.

arts-and-crafts-bobbin-close-up-1266139By emergency kit, we don’t mean the usual first-aid supplies, but those count too! Specific to your wedding needs, here are some items you’ll want to have ready, just in case: fashion tape, needle and thread, safety pins, bobby pins, flip flops, deodorant, mints, an umbrella, a powerbank and extra cash and checks.

  1. Serve a late-night buffet.


Most of the older guests will tend to leave right after your reception program, but your crowd and the younger ones will tend to stay longer for the after party and drinks. Why not serve them some comfort food? Try tacos, sliders, onion rings or French fries. They’ll love you for saving them a trip to the drive-thru after the wedding!

Victoria Canada, Wedding Planner / BHG.Com

  1. Keep tabs on the budget with a ‘Wants’ and a ‘Needs’ list.

arm-desk-hand-58457Knowing your non-negotiables as a couple will help you manage your budget better. The ‘needs’ list consists of the items you need to have to make the event work, such as the venue, catering and photographer. The ‘wants’ are the items you get after the needs are taken care of, like ornate centrepieces or customized favors.

  1. No budget for a wedding video? Hire someone just to capture footage.


This ensures that you still get to capture all of the memories and have them edited in a video at a later point (say, when you’ve received monetary wedding gifts).

Samantha Goldberg, Gold Events Planning / Bridal 

  1. Send invitations on a Wednesday.

Want to ensure your guests RSVP right away? Send it out in the middle of the week. This way, they arrive just in time for the weekend when people have a bit more free time and can reply as soon as they get your invite.

Ali Messer and Jessica Sheady, Soiree Event Design /

  1. Get to know your wedding venue’s neighbourhood for last minute needs.

Drive around the area of your venue before your wedding day. Be on the lookout for the closest ATM, hardware store, drugstore, liquor store, and stationery store, in case you have any last-minute needs during your party.

Nisa Lee, Wedding Planner /

7. Hire a “day-of” coordinator

If you prefer not to get a wedding planner or it simply does not fit the budget, consider getting a coordinator for the wedding day itself. If you can get someone aside from your family members or guests to handle the details of the wedding day, it would alleviate so much stress! Many offer more affordable day-of services in place of full-service wedding planning.

Brooke Keegan Weddings & Events / Real

8. Make a Meal Plan

Most of your unforeseen expense will come from meals and drinks. Before you sign contracts, make sure you’re not required to serve the same meal to your guests and vendors. Choose a less expensive (but equally hearty) meal for vendors instead. For the drinks, you may choose to stick to wine and beer only as mixed drinks with expensive liquor can drive the cost of beverages up.

(Image Credit: Event Planners)