1. Giant Letters

There’s no better way to welcome the birthday guests than with giant letters situated at the venue entrance. This can be the celebrant’s name or a particular word that’s perfect for the event. You can commission an artist or ask your party planner to recommend a firm who makes them.

  1. Dessert Table

A dessert table has two purposes- to satisfy your guests’ cravings for sweets after a hearty meal and to serve as an additional décor to the party. Take this dessert table from Milk and Honey Event Design for example. What an eye candy!

  1. Hanging Pictures

A child’s first year consists of milestones- big and small. Share these milestones to your guests through a mini-exhibit of your baby’s captured moments. You can display 12 pictures with one picture for each month leading up to this 1st birthday.

  1. Buntings

Buntings are an affordable and easy-to-do decoration. Plus, they’re also very easy to find. You can find them in party shops, craft hubs or bookstores. Party planners know how to make these and can even give you some advice on colour combinations.

  1. Balloons

A party is never complete without balloons. They’re simple, affordable and come in a variety of colors. Whether they’re matte or glossy, balloons can give life to a party venue. Balloon suppliers can also form different shapes that can match the party’s theme. If you’re having a safari-theme in mind, consider having a balloon jungle made by your supplier.

  1. Quirky and colourful utensils

To add up to the atmosphere of fun to a party, use quirky and colorful utensils, such as mason jars, striped straws, polka dot plates and more. Make sure to match the colors of your utensils to the focal colors of the party. Display them nicely on your dessert table to make it picture-perfect.

  1. Pinata

Stuff a piñata with different candies, chocolates and some coins. Decorate it using colorful tissue paper or your desired wrapping material. Make the piñata-smashing event a highlight of your party.

  1. Hanging Pom-poms

Make the party venue more charming with hanging pompoms. Don’t have time to make them? No problem. Hire a vendor and simply state your desire color and sizes for the pompoms.

Got any decoration suggestions for a first birthday party? Let us know in the comments below!
(Image Credits: Giant Sign/ Dessert Table/ Hanging Picture 1/ Hanging Picture 2/ Buntings 1/ Buntings 2/ Balloons 1/ Balloons 2/ Utensils 1/ Utensils 2/ Pinata 1/ Pinata 2/ Pom Pom 1/ Pom Pom 2)