Rainbows and confetti? Pink and Gold theme? With a plethora of inspirations online, it seems impossible to select a theme for your baby shower! Well, fret not we have checked out the trendiest and hottest baby shower themes of 2018 and here are our favourites! A single theme can have more than one interpretation so we have gathered 3 different interpretations of the same theme and compiled them into a photo collage for your quick reference!

1. Boho Chic 

This has got to be the number 1 favourite for baby shower themes! The Bohemian theme is pretty versatile and it always sets with white or beige as the base colour. Whether it’s for a baby boy or girl, you can switch it up with a different pop of colour. Eucalyptus is also the latest trend you should watch out for in this bohemian theme.

2. “Where the wild things are” 

 For the one that’s going to run wild, this rustic camp and forest theme is fun and playful for your little one. Wooden crates, feathered arrows and wood log as cake and dessert stand highlights the theme, not forgetting a few adorable animals of the wild you should include in your baby shower.

3. Tropical 

This summer palm leaf theme is all the rage these days, throw in a few flamingoes and you have yourself a trendy and instragrammable baby shower. The bright colours of the leaves, flamingo and pineapple bring joy to the guest and make it a relaxing and chill baby shower to be in.

4. Bun in the Oven 

A familiar term with a cute interpretation as a baby shower theme! We see an incoming oven set up for the dessert table and why not serve up some buns for brunch? cinnamon buns, mini burgers with waffles buns, macarons as buns? There so much fun you can have with this theme, go on and let your creative cells take over!

5. Sweet Treat 

More often than not, our nicknames for the unborn babies always ended up being a sweet treat but I’m not complaining because it is absolutely adorable! Why not use these treats as themes for your baby shower? A “pancake” brunch, “Donut” party or a Popsicle party for the one that’s about to pop!

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Image Credits: Style Me Pretty, Tomkat Studio, Kara’s Party Ideas, 100layerscakelet, Pinterest