The 2017 Michelin Guide for Singapore was revealed last week on the 29th June. Like most locals, we were hungry for the new stars to be accredited to the world-class establishments we have on our home ground. Braci and Garibaldi Italian Restaurant and Bar are the latest awardees on the Delegate vendor profile to join the prestigious list of Michelin star restaurants. Whatever the cuisine, these places provide a rich and satiating dining experience, from the moment one enters their doors. From romantic dinners to larger gatherings for special occasions, these restaurants will create an impression that lasts a lifetime.


Casual but luxurious, traditional but progressive, elegantly restrained but overflowing with passion, Braci as all about the heart of Italian cuisine taken to new heights. Several things set Braci apart. First is the technique they use in cooking their creations. Italian for “embers”, the restaurant’s main cooking method makes use of wood fire. It’s a traditional cooking method known for adding new layers of flavor to dishes. Their technique paves the way for the second and main thing that puts them above the rest: their food. Well-loved Italian flavors and classic cuisine are reinvigorated and given new life at Braci.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bargaribaldi

Garibaldi has been a staple in the Singapore social scene for years. Thanks to its cozy but sophisticated ambience, it’s the perfect place for catch-up dinners with friends where good conversations take centre stage. But along with its elegant décor and comfortable atmosphere, what keeps people coming back and staying is the food. The one Michelin star menu of Garibaldi revolves around traditional Italian fare. They make it a point to only use the freshest and most authentic ingredients imported directly from Italy. The result is rich, genuine dishes that serve to be both comfort food and haute cuisine at the same time.

Song of India


Awarded one Michelin star in 2016, Song of India is the only Indian restaurant in Singapore awarded this honor. Dining here isn’t simply to fill the stomach or to taste delicious flavors, but a complete gustatory and visual experience. The restaurant’s home in a classic colonial bungalow evokes old-world luxury and style. The vast garden around it, meanwhile, creates a homey feel. And when you step inside? It’s the epitome of fine dining. When it comes to the food, Song of India truly shines with exquisite Indian flavors. Their dishes are founded on traditional tastes and methods, but modernized for a more contemporary twist. Dining here is not only like traveling through India, through its rich culinary heritage, but also an experience in luxury and the finer things in life.

The Kitchen at Bacchanalia


This 36-seat restaurant may be small in space but it’s large in experience. It features an open concept kitchen where Head Chef Luke Armstrong and his team prepare, cook, and plate their dishes right in front of the guests. It allows diners a unique look into the workings of a Michelin-star kitchen, creating a deeper appreciation for all that goes into creating gourmet fare. The Kitchen at Bacchanalia offers French cuisine, crafted with the finest ingredients and the highest standards. Classic dishes are recreated so that old and predictable flavors deliver a new surprise. It’s all about creating excitement here, from the food they serve to the experience they provide.