DELEGATE: Tell us more about yourself!

I am a passion driven modern marketing person who loves to provide value to others around me, I aspire to inspire and teach to create a better future and make an impact.

D: What is the vision/mission for your company?

Work with the best creatives to create visuals that connect and touches the hearts and minds of audiences.

D: How did you start your business? What were some adversities when you first started out?

I was introduced to the industry by my brother. Some adversities were the lack of systems, infrastructure and limited marketing channels.

D: Any trade secrets you can reveal?

Form real relationships with others and to give first and ask later.

D: Most memorable experience since starting your business?
When one of my part time photographers suddenly shook my hand one day and thanked me for giving him the opportunity to be part of the team.

D: What is one thing you would like customers to know about your company?

That their experience with us is our top priority.

D: What was your first job?

Inline Skating Coach.

D: What aspects of your personality can we see in your work?

Clear, straight, transparent and honest.


D: Which habits of yours have gotten you to where you are today?

Constant learning, upgrading, having positive mindset

D: Any future plans in the pipeline?
Having an academy.

D: Who was your biggest influence when you were starting out?

Gary Vaynerchuk.

D: In your own words, starting your own business is…

challenging and fulfilling.

D: One quote you live by.

“Never sell what you can do, sell what the world can do.”

D: Where else can we find you online?

Facebook: fireflyphotographysingapore