No matter what the occasion, a theme will make your party more memorable.Your theme helps set the tone of your event and can have a major impact on its success, so it’s worth spending time researching what theme will best suit the event. Once you have chosen a theme, you can select invitations, party decor, food and drinks and entertainment that fit your vision.

In choosing a party theme, the first thing to think about is the occasion that you are celebrating. It is best to choose a theme which fits in naturally with the occasion, and one that’s not controversial. Here are some points to consider:

1. Guest of honour

Take time to think about the guest of honour. Pick something that’s personal to the guest of honour. Inspiration can come from interests and favourites. If she loves to travel, what’s her favourite country or city? A gal can have a Parisian theme with an artistic Parisian backdrop, elegant French cuisine and timeless French music. Will she likely favour a simple party or an extravagant one?

2. Guests or attendees

Think about your guests’ age, lifestyle and life stage (kids, teenagers, adult singles, married, with kids, families,etc), and what’s appropriate and what’s likely to be memorable for them. Will your mostly young guests appreciate Wizard of Oz or Wild, Wild West? Is it appropriate to have a mardi gras party for a family-oriented crowd?

3. Ease of execution

Choose a party theme that will be easy to execute. Will the details be easy for you and the guests to follow? Can decor and costumes be easily sourced locally or will the little details need to be made from scratch? Do you need a lot of time and manpower to prepare?

4. Stick to your budget

If you are planning an event with a small budget, there’s no point trying to pull off an extravagant, black tie affair, with an expensive dinner with all the works in a five-star hotel. Be realistic about what you can afford with your budget.

5. What’s trending

Look at what’s currently popular. It could be a much-talked about film, music or the latest fashion. What can you do with British singer Adele’s “Hello?” Do you think a retro theme would be fitting for that? Take a peek at Pinterest or Google to get an idea of the latest trends.

6. Simple, tried and tested themes

Don’t get too worked up trying to think of something new that you can’t move forward with your party planning. There’s nothing wrong with picking an old favourite. You can go for easy, seasonal themes like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, summer or winter. These are always popular. A simple theme that you can choose is one based on colour. It’s a great starting point when thinking about the dress code and decorations for the venue.

Whatever theme you decide to choose for your party, make sure you’re happy with your decision. Don’t forget that the main objective is for everyone to have fun. Enjoy!


(image credit: Party Theme)