Summer never ends in Singapore so it’s always a good time to have a fun pool party for kids.

Swimming and playing in the pool would be a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday, or any occasion really. Whether the party is held in your backyard, the community pool, a resort or private club, a pool party is bound to be a unique experience for everyone.

And because a pool party is no ordinary party, there are some things that you need to prepare for. Here are some of those:

The guest list

When building your guest list, keep the number manageable. You don’t want a crowded pool where your guests are bumping into or kicking each other while swimming and splashing around.

Ensure that the invited kids are accompanied by responsible adults who know how to swim.

Swim Essentials

Remind your guests to bring their swimming essentials: bathing suit, towel, cover-up, flipflops or sandals, hats or caps, sunglasses, sunscreen, and lip balm.

Provide extra towels in case some guests forget to bring theirs or if their towels get very wet. Other things to prepare are sunscreen and plastic bags for guests to stuff their wet stuff.

Pool and Water Safety

The safety of your guests should be a primary concern when hosting a pool party. Before and during the party, inspect the pool area for possible hazards. Check that diving boards and slides, including the bouncy kind, are secure. Make sure your venue has licensed lifeguards to keep everyone safe. If the party is in a private residence, make sure there are adults who can swim well. Know where you can find a first aid kit in case it’s needed.

Have the pool water tested before your party, making sure that the water chemistry is safe for all swimmers.

Adult Supervision

Never ever leave the kids unattended. While there may be a lifeguard or two in your party venue, it’s better to have more adults supervising the kids. Adults can take turns in shifts to keep their eyes on the kids at all times.

Chairs and Shade

Check if your venue has enough lounge and beach chairs around the swimming pool for your guests. Bring out a beach umbrella or some sun hats for to protect the guests from the sun.

Theme / Decor

Since this is a children’s pool party, surround the area with bright and colourful decor. If you must have a theme, think of a specific beach and location and let that be your inspiration. Imagine the beach-vibe possibilities for a Miami, Cancun, Jamaica or Hawaii-themed party. And whatever you’re celebrating, don’t forget the balloons!


It’s not a party without music, but don’t think you have to play The Beach Boys or some kind of beach or tropical songs. Set the party mood with a playlist of your kid’s favourite tunes, something that the kids will enjoy.

Food and drinks

Simple, fuss-free food is best for a children’s pool party. Plan on lots of grilling time to cook burgers and hot dogs. For non-meat eaters, prepare veggie burgers, tuna sandwiches and veggie kabobs. Everyone is sure to crowd around a dessert table with fresh fruits, ice cream and mini cakes and pastries.

For drinks, fill up a cooler with bottled water, sodas, juice boxes, plus drinks for the adults too. Have plenty of ice on hand.

Games and Activities

Keep the kids occupied with fun games like a relay, water balloon toss and water gun tag. Let them play with pool toys and accessories, like pool noodles, floating chairs, inflatable beach balls, inner tubes, and water guns.

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(Image Credit: Children’s Pool Party)