From our childhood and all throughout our adult years, dads serve as our own personal heroes. They are providers, protectors, pals, and even our very own comedians sometimes. Whatever type of dad you have, make sure to show him your gratitude and love this father’s day. From fun hands-on activities for dads who love DIY to full-on pampering for you busy corporate dad, there’s something here to make the man of the house happy.

The Cool Dadcool-dad

We all know him: the chill dad who taught his kids how to have the good kind of fun. He probably taught you how to ride a bike and swim. He shared with you his favorite music and told you all about the glory days of cinema. He’s the dad you grew up to be friends with, while winning your utmost respect. Now that you’re older and catching up with interests, it’s a great time to just hang out with your cool dad, enjoy a night of good food, good drinks, and great music. There will be no better reward for him than to see he has raised people who take after his heart.

The Handymanthe-handyman

The handyman dad is crucial to every house. He’s the dad who shows his affection by building different things for his kids. From toy trucks to dollhouses, there’s nothing this handy dad can’t handle. Now that you are all grown-up, he probably remains your go-to person when it comes to repairing something in your own home. For Father’s Day, share a bonding activity with your handy dad by taking him to something where he can learn and create – except this time in the kitchen! Not only does he get to create something, but you get to create something for him too.

The Jokesterthe-jokester

King of the Dad Jokes, Lord of Laughs: this dad is always cracking the family up – or at least trying to. Whether he slays each time or he falls flat more often than not, it cannot be denied that this dad’s only wish is to make his family happy by putting a smile on his kids’ faces. And is there any better way to show him your love by putting a smile on his? It doesn’t have to just be jokes either. Get him a fun, quirky gift that he’s sure to enjoy if only for its unique charm or odd look. The best part is it’s a keepsake he’ll be able to look at to remember you by.

The Firm but Loving Dadfirm-but-loving

Firm dads are usually strict, maybe even overprotective. But even if you resented it a bit growing up, you always know that it’s his way of showing love by shielding you from potentially harmful things. Now that you are older he has probably relaxed a bit in terms of strictness, but certainly hasn’t with regards to how much he loves you. Sit back and relax with your firm but loving dad this Father’s Day by pampering him with his very own feast prepared by a private chef. You can even do it right at the comforts of your own home!

The Sweetheartthe-sweetheart

These dads are every girl’s hero and the kind of dad every boy wants to grow up to be. They are thoughtful providers not only in terms of needs, but their biggest gift is their time. They are affectionate and make sure they tell you they love you every day. They are always there to support you whatever your endeavor, and always ready with a gentle reminder when you need some discipline. This Father’s Day, give some of the sweetness back with custom-made cakes and sweets just for him. It’s not only something you can share with each other, but something befitting how sweet he has made your life.

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