Celebrate your new home with a casual housewarming party. A housewarming party is the best time to show your new home to relatives and old friends, as well as introduce yourself to your new neighbours. After the stress of moving to a new home, a new homeowner is definitely looking forward to this party.

Here are some tips to help you plan for a easy and memorable housewarming experience:


Since a housewarming party is usually just an informal occasion with mostly close friends and relatives, you can schedule this even within a few weeks of moving.

Prepare your home

A day or two before your housewarming party, start preparing your new home for the arrival of excited guests. They will want to take a tour of your house, so have the whole place clean and tidy from top to bottom and end to end. See to it that all moving boxes are unpacked or put away.

Fix your place up with fresh flowers, a few candles and an inviting scent so it feels warm and welcoming. Good music and lighting, plus lots of seating areas make for a great party.

Open House

If you’d like to invite as many people as possible but cannot accommodate them all at once, consider holding an open house party instead, where guests arrive and leave throughout the day. More importantly, with an open house, you get to spend more time with each guest.

Food and Drinks

Keep your meal informal and casual. When it comes to the menu, keep it simple and delicious. Serve snacks and buffet-style food.

Lay out all the food and drinks so your guests can easily serve themselves. This will keep you out of the kitchen and in the company of your guests where you should be.

Place most of the food in an area where people can move around and chat. Keep the food and drinks separate, so everyone will not crowd around one spot. Set out small bowls of appetising treats around the house.

If you don’t want the hassle of preparing food on your own, just order your preferred food and drinks from one of Delegate’s terrific party caterers.

House Tour

In a housewarming party, the star of the show is your fabulous new house. Everyone will expect a quick tour of your home. Take small groups for a house tour and show the best features of your new house. Make your guests feel at home. Point out interesting items when you guide people through the rooms.

Prepare well for a housewarming party so you can relax and enjoy your guests’ company as they warm your new home with love and friendship.

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