1. Research

We’re lucky to be living in a time when information is simply a mouse click away. Take advantage of this by doing ample research online or even in traditional media, such as newspapers and magazines. To make research easier, here are our tips:

  • Create a folder that includes all related pictures and articles you need for your event.
  • Set up a physical inspiration board. Cut out pictures from magazines, print out images and make some colour swatches.

  1. Think Doable

From your inspiration board, evaluate all of your possible party concepts by considering their practicability. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you afford it?
  • Do you have sufficient time for preparation?
  • Will your concept be fun for the celebrant and the guests?
  1. Contact the Right Suppliers

If you’re new to event planning, you’ll probably have a challenging time looking for suppliers. To make things easier, ask help or advice from friends and family who have gone through a similar event. Ask for recommendations on which suppliers to contact. Once you’ve rounded up a list of possible suppliers, set up a meeting for an interview. Lay down all of your needs for the party and discuss how the suppliers can realize your party goals.

  1. Decide on the concept.

If you’ve done the 1st step, chances are, you’ll have seen or read various party concepts. There are always pros and cons to every option. So, choose which one you think is most appealing and doable. Once you’ve made the choice, that’s when the ball starts rolling.

  1. Sign the dotted line

After deciding on your budget and party concept, book your suppliers. Make your negotiations official by agreeing on a contract. Before signing the dotted line, check that all information in the contract are correct.

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