Plan a viewing party with your friends and reminisce your school days when you’d hang out in each other’s homes and pass the hours watching movies or your favourite TV shows. Invite them over to your home on a Friday night, a rainy day, or when everyone in your circle of friends can attend.

To make sure that your movie marathon party is a box-office hit, here’s a simple party guide:

What to Watch

Choose movies or TV shows with a common theme:

  • same genre (comedy, love story, horror, sports, sci-fi, musical, etc.)
  • same time period (‘40s, ‘70s, ‘80s)
  • same location (New York, Italy, China)
  • same main subject (food, aliens, apocalypse)
  • favourite actor, actress or director (Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts, Alfred Hitchcock)
  • movies in a series (Spiderman, Star Wars, Hunger Games)
  • an entire season of your favourite TV show

Venue Set-up

Have plenty of comfortable seating where everyone has a clear view of the show. If you lack sofa space, add dining room chairs, ottomans and floor pillows to ensure all your guests have a comfortable place to sit. For a cinema-like atmosphere, try to rearrange the seats in rows like an actual movie theatre.

Create a cinema-like setting in you home by displaying a movie pinboard indicating the movies to be shown. Incorporate the movie theme in your decorations. Use glow-in-the-dark stickers and glow sticks for an outer-space or a Star Wars-themed movie marathon.

Glam up your movie night by rolling a red carpet up to your front door. Guests walk the red carpet and have their photos taken by an “official” photographer as they walk inside the “theatre.” Or, you can encourage everyone to show up in costume like one of the movie characters.

Breaktime Activities

Take a break between each film showing to give people a chance to stretch their legs, grab a bite, refill their drinks, or discuss the movie. Play quick movie trivia games. Release your inner movie critic by dissecting the good and bad points of the films. Play music from the movies’ soundtrack during intermissions.

Food and Drinks

Serve food and drinks related to the movies or shows that you’ll be watching. There’s Italian food (pizza and pasta) for The Godfather series, breakfast food for The Breakfast Club when you’re watching ‘80s films or films about teens, French food for Ratatouille in a series of animated films, a few coffee varieties with cakes and pastries when watching a Friends marathon.

Popcorn is mandated in every viewing party, so serve flavoured popcorn to your guests. Set-up a popcorn bar where your guests can make their own custom popcorn. Pop a few bags of plain popcorn. Display dishes of melted butter, salt and savoury seasonings like sour cream and onion, and grated parmesan cheese. Take care of those with a sweet tooth by serving bowls of caramel syrup, M&Ms, honey-roasted almonds, toffee bits, milk chocolates and candy sprinkles to be mixed with popcorn. Serve the popcorn in colourful paper bags or bright cardboard containers.

Set up a drink station and serve your choice of drinks. It can be wine, beer, soda, lemonade, or iced-tea.

When everything’s ready, dim the lights, raise the volume, and start the movie!

(Image Credit: Movie Night)