Only a few parties are as fun, vibrant and tasty as a Mexican-themed one—from the bright and punchy flavors to the vivid colour palette. The happy and colourful Mexican fiesta is a theme that hardly ever goes wrong and is perfect if you want to impress your older guests and delight the younger ones with a visual feast that is delectable, as well. A Mexican theme is also very versatile, allowing much room for your imagination to run wild, especially during the preparation stage.

Authentic Mexican food is one of the hottest global trends for those who want to immerse in an exotic culture; thus, throwing your own fiesta-themed dinner party would be a creative culinary treat for you and your friends. Grab a margarita; put on your party sombrero, and follow these quick and easy steps in organizing a truly enjoyable Mexican-inspired party. Salud!

It’s all about food and drinks

It ain’t a Mexican dinner party without the distinct, much-loved Mexican fiesta fare. The best Mexican food uses fresh and lovely ingredients that don’t need a lot of ingenuity to whip up. Welcome your guests with all-time favorites, such as nachos, served with a variety of dips like guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. Tacos and quesadillas are also fun appetizers that are much more filling. You can also serve heartier appetizers, such as burritos, enchiladas, tamales, and chimichangas, arranged neatly on a buffet table.

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Photo Credit: Pinterest/Chic Coastal Living

Want a more interactive experience for your dinner party guests to mingle? Try a taco station with different fillings lined up for guests to customise their individual servings. This saves you time and also allows you to cater to guests with dietary requirements.

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Chicken Fajita overload, (Photo Credit: Recipe Tin Eats)

Grilled steak and chicken fajitas should be on your menu if you’re planning to have an outdoor dinner party. Nothing sets the mood for a Mexican party more than the aroma of grilled meat wafting through the air and mixing with the lively beat of the mariachi band. Pair these sumptuous dishes with ice-cold beers livened up with a slice of fresh lime. You can also serve fun cocktails, such as flavored margaritas, agua fresca or a tequila punch.

Set the scene

A Mexican-themed dinner party would not be complete without the bold and colorful décor that is distinct of any Mexican affair. Find inspiration in the colors of Mexican art and culture objects, such as the vivid and earthy hues of a poncho or a lively bandana. Use these colors for your tablescape: the tablecloth, tableware, and centerpieces. Instead of cutout buntings, you can tie colorful bandanas, from end to end, and string them up over your dinner table. Use décor with Mexican design elements, such as chili peppers, cactus, dia de los muertos, mariachi, and more. Why not ask your amigas to wear vibrant fiesta dresses and your amigos to don ponchos and sombreros?

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Sombreros de Mexico, Photo Credit: Party City

Don’t be afraid to go overboard with the décor; Mexican fiestas are known for their exuberance and mish-mash of colors. For a romantic and rustic Mexican cantina look, hang fairy lights around your dining area. Style your dinner table with serapes, Mexican soda bottles, and paper flowers. Throw in colorful glassware for an added oomph!

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Rustic cantina ambience, Photo Credit: Pinterest/Glamour Brasil

Table centerpieces and décor can be edible! Order cupcakes in a rainbow of baking cups, topped with colorful flower frosting; then, gather them up to form a fiesta bouquet that is literally sweet! Hang a piñata for the children (and the adults too!), and fill it up with candies and other sweet treats.

dible flower centerpiece, Photo Credit: Party City

Edible flower centerpiece, Photo Credit: Party City

Too busy to prep?

Planning a Mexican dinner party but have little time on your hands? Don’t worry! You can always hire a professional caterer to whip up an excellent Mexican fiesta, replete with awesome Mexican-themed props and decorations. And, while you’re at it, grab a bunch of maracas at the nearest discount or craft store, put on some crazy-fun mariachi music, and let your guests dance to their own beat!

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