As vendors providing services that range from venues, food and beverage and decor, to photography, entertainment, workshops, we understand that it can be challenging sometimes to gain exposure for your business, acquiring and retaining clients and focusing on your craft all at the same time.

That’s why at Delegate, we are dedicated to not only providing users with a seamless event planning experience, but also to enable you – vendors – to streamline and automate your processes and showcase your business effectively.

If you already have a profile with us, props to you – your business is in for a treat! (And if you don’t, come join us for free!) With a user base of 70,000 and Delegate PRO, our online tool specially made for vendors, the Delegate platform is primed to enhance your business.

In this article, we run through three basic steps to get you started on optimising your profile with Delegate!


The first and most crucial step is to build your business profile, which gives you the opportunity to briefly showcase your business to potential clients. In your profile page, do try to fill up all fields as accurately as possible!build your profile

Building block 1: Uploading a logo

Your logo appears in your profile and is seen by users when you connect with them. It gives your brand an identity and a visual means for users to recognise you. Your logo should communicate your brand attributes and personality, and should definitely be included in your profile!

Building Block 2: Describing your business

Providing a brief introduction to your business under “Description of Services” is crucial to give users a general idea of what you do. Remember to keep it informative and concise, to hold the reader’s attention and to convey your message clearly.

Building Block 3: Including your social accounts

Apart from your contact number, adding in your website URL and social media accounts can give you more exposure and provide users with an avenue to explore your work in more depth, should they be interested.

Building Block 4: Stating your vendor properties and terms & conditions

It is important to state in which countries you operate and the characteristics of your business, to let users easily decide if you’re the right fit for their event. Additionally, list your terms & conditions before they hire you to prevent any disputes.

Building Block 5: Providing your bank account details

If users opt to process the transaction on the Delegate platform, providing your bank account details will facilitate our transfer of the deposit to you.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so what better way is there to showcase your business than to use pictures? Apart from describing your service, using media can help users to visualise what you can offer.

Main Gallery

Do upload at least five high-resolution images in this gallery, and select images that represent the different aspects of your service, to give users a visual summary of your work. Here’s a tip: Landscape images look the most aesthetic on our Delegate profiles!main gallery


Upload albums of your past projects to showcase different themes that you have done. Include at least ten high-resolution images here, and don’t forget to slide the toggle on the top right of the album to make it visible to Delegate users!


Media Plug-ins

Upload videos of your past projects with a Vimeo, Youtube or Soundcloud URL.


Upload documents for users to download to learn more about your services. This could include floor plans, sample menus, terms & conditions, and brochures, in PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats.


Offering packages is a win-win strategy for both you and your clients. As vendors, package deals can promote client loyalty and retention and drive repeated purchases. For clients, of course, they get to save some money when engaging your services. At Delegate, we recognise the importance of such packages and have optimised our platform for you to showcase them.

Here’s how you can add packages to your profile:

packagesDo add in clear, concise information about the package, to prevent any possible disputes. You can opt to make your package exclusive to Delegate users, which increases your visibility on our vendor page and gives your packages priority listing on Delegate. Again, don’t forget to slide the ‘live’ toggle on the top left of the package page to make it visible on your vendor profile.


Make sure to preview your vendor profile to check if everything looks great, and then – most importantly – click on ‘save changes’ to finalise your profile.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to kickstart your business on Delegate!

For inspiration, do check out Adele Duxton, a wedding planner whom we thought has an awesome Delegate profile page:ADELE DUXTON

ADELE DUXTONWe look forward to seeing your profiles on Delegate, and let us know which tips have helped you the most!