Throwing a fabulous party is not as simple as cooking one or two dishes and ordering a cake. Whether it’s your child’s birthday, a small dinner party or a big anniversary party, you want to avoid these party planning mistakes to ensure a happy occasion that you and your guests will enjoy:

  1. Doing everything yourself

You think you’ll impress everyone with your planning and hosting skills by doing everything on your own, including cooking up a storm, decorating your home and calling to confirm everyone’s attendance. By doing this, you just end up being resentful on the day of the party itself, when you’re tired from all the running around that you have to do, and unable to enjoy your own party.

Instead of doing all the work, consider hiring a caterer and asking friends and relatives for help with party preparations. There are also party professionals who can work with you to make sure not only that your event is a big success, but that you enjoy your own party as well.

  1. Not knowing the number of guests

The number of guests will affect your choice of venue and the amount of food to be prepared. You don’t want to underestimate and have uncomfortable guests cramped in your small venue and be faced with the possibility of running out of food. You also don’t want to have too few guests in a large venue that will give the event an embarrassing air of emptiness.

To avoid this, confirm the guest list as early as possible, and you can then adjust the plan based on the number. Choose a venue that offers options for different group sizes and party vendors with flexible services according to your finalised guest list.

  1. To serve or not to serve alcohol

While alcohol is expected in most parties, not everyone drinks them. Make sure to serve non-alcoholic alternatives.

  1. Forgetting about the music

Music instantly sets the mood of a party, so forgetting to get a DJ or create a playlist can kill the party vibe. Choose music that suits your party and your guests’ preferences. If you want some dancing action, play upbeat tunes. If your party is low-key, pick easy listening tunes.

  1. Going overboard with your party theme

Themed events can be a lot of fun, but when you go overboard, it can make people uneasy. If anyone’s not into your party theme, don’t embarrass or shut him or her out.

  1. Cramming too many activities

Too many pre-planned activities can make the party less enjoyable. You want your guests to have fun at your party, so give everyone space and time to just chill or mingle.

Make sure to make preparations for your party well in advance, and have a backup plan for any emergencies that may happen. Then at the party, relax, have fun and enjoy the company of your friends.

(Image Credit: Pexels)