Attend a big party and you will likely see an endless stream of conversation and laughter in and around the photobooth. A photobooth installation is a surefire way to make a party lively and fun. Whether you’re having a birthday party, a wedding, corporate event, or any other social occasion, a photobooth provides entertainment and happy memories for everyone.

If you’re planning to hire a photobooth for your next party, consider these factors to get the most out of your experience:

Photobooth Equipment
The equipment to be used for the photobooth will determine the image quality and print quality of photos. You don’t want a problem with low-resolution images when you try to have these printed in larger print sizes later on. Poor quality printers will produce photos with colours that are not life-like or images that quickly fade. The best thing to do to check for quality is to see the photobooth company’s actual work and ask about the equipment they use. Request for sample photos taken from the company’s past events so you could assess the quality of the company’s photos.

Photobooth Attendant
A good photo booth rental should include an attendant to take care of the technical side of the booth operation. The attendant will also make sure everything runs smoothly, especially if the event is a children’s party. A professional photographer supervising the booth can suggest creativeposes and unusual set-ups that would make for interesting photos.

Themes, Props and Costumes
What’s the point of photobooths if there are no props and costumes to play with? Colourful hats and wigs, huge sunglasses, and photo frames are some of the common props out there. Find a photobooth provider with lots of creative ideas and a wide range of props, backdrops and costumes. Consider your guests and use age-appropriate props, costumes and themes.

A good photo booth company will have a contract spelling out for you all the details of the arrangement plus the cost of the service and any other charges. This will help avoid any misunderstanding about the services to be provided and fees to be paid.

Photobooths create and help preserve memories of wonderful times shared with family and friends. Make sure that everyone gets to join in all the crazy photo fun in your next party or event. Find the perfect photobooth company for your needs here at Delegate.

(Image via Hello Stranger)