1. Know Where to Place the Napkin

Napkins are given to each guest for a purpose. If you don’t know exactly what it’s for, you’ve read the right article. The placing of the napkin on the host’s lap is the sign that you and the other guests can now start eating. When you want to stand up, place the napkin on your seat. When you are done with your meal, place the napkin on the left-hand side.

  1. Dress for the Occasion

Dressing properly boosts one’s confidence. Keep in mind that what you wear depends on the type of event you’re going to. Strive not to overdress nor underdress. Men attending a wedding reception should never don jeans, not even if the invitation states smart-casual. For women going to a cocktail event, it is wise to wear a knee-length dress, formal suit or jumpsuit.

  1. Only Get What you Can Eat

One dilemma of guests attending a buffet dining style is the struggle of finishing off one’s food. Avoid this by only getting small portions of the dishes being served, even though everything looks appetizing. Remind yourself that you can always go back for a second serving in case you want more.

  1. Treat the waiters well.

People will judge you by how you treat the waiter. Show some class and respect by being nice to the waiting staff. If there was a mix-up in your order, calm down and speak politely.

  1. Break bread with your hands.

If the bread is too big for one bite, break it using your hands and not your knife. Tear the bread one piece at a time and only spread butter on it when you are ready to eat it.

  1. When it comes to alcohol, know your limits.

Do not be that one drunk guest who made a fool of himself at the party. Whether it’s a wedding reception or a business dinner, always know when to stop.

  1. Do not ask for a doggie bag.

When it’s a business lunch or dinner meeting, know better than not to take home the leftovers. The occasion focused on business, so there is no reason why you should look like you’re after the food, no matter how glorious a feast it is.

  1. Avoid pulling out someone’s chair for them, even if it is a woman.

This social gender rule is unnecessary in business meetings. If it’s a birthday party or a more personal occasion, it can be acceptable.

  1. Don’t speak when your mouth is full.

You’ve known this since you were young, but it helps to be reminded of it from time to time.

  1. ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’ go a long way.

This should be especially used to your waiter or server. Even though you were underwhelmed with the dishes, do not openly criticize the staff or host, as this is a sign of tactlessness and rudeness.

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