Jeanne, the founder of Kiss My Pans, is meticulous when laying out the table spreads and the result is beautiful and appetizing cheese grazing tables filled to the brim with gastronomical delights. The cheese grazing tables are great conversation starters throughout an event and guests can enjoy the seemingly endless spread of delicious, fresh and wholesome cheese, charcuterie, fruit, veggies, homemade dips, fresh bread and gourmet crackers.

Jeanne also opens up her home to offer dining experiences for those who want to enjoy a good meal in a cozy environment. This is definitely an option for you if you are looking for a fun and unique get-together with your friends! There’s no need for you to cook or clean up after you eat. You can choose from a menu that features cuisine from around the globe (think Peruvian, Brazilian, Spanish, you name it!) or indulge in flavours in the region and feast on Asian favourites. Do check out their festive menus for an interesting twist to their usual palette too! 

Aside from hosting guests at their home, Kiss My Pans also offers cooking classes to individuals so you can learn how to cook dishes from scratch. Best part of it all, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor at the end of the class. Isn’t that great? No more, “I can’t cook!” but, “Let me prepare tonight’s meal” instead. You are sure to learn how to whip up delicious, wholesome and comforting meals. Bid farewell to Chef Newbie and say hello to Chef Skillful. Impress your friends and family with your newly picked up skill! Even though Kiss My Pans is relatively new to the scene, they have been very popular at events!

One of their most recent events was for Wework 109NBR’s Happy Hour Powered by Delegate. For this event, both our vendors – Kiss My Pans and 5amflowers collaborated and presented a beautiful cheese grazing table that was the highlight of the night. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing, it also made our tummies very happy! 

The cheese grazing table featured fresh fruits, cheeses, honey, chocolate and many more sweet treats. There’s something for everyone! 

All in all, Kiss My Pans offers many different services, all uncommon and delicious in their own way: Cheese Platters, Cheese Grazing Tables, Dining Experiences and Cooking Workshops. 

  1. Cheese Platters – Where it all Started! 

Cheese Platters serve as great gifts or for simple gatherings with a few friends! These platters are filled with an assortment of cheeses, both fried and fresh fruits, veggies, roasted nuts, handmade dips and gourmet crackers. They come in sizes of Small, Medium and Large – catered to suit any kind of event. 

2. Cheese Grazing Tables – The Evolution 

Having ventured further into what she’s passionate about, Jeanne, the founder of Kiss My Pans took the cheese platters up another notch and turned it into a feast for both the eyes and the tummy with her cheese grazing tables. Additional chocolate, honey, bagels and many other sweet treats are added to the cheese platters to satisfy your guests! Tables start from 1 meter and are a great conversation starter as well.

3. Dining Experiences 

Jeanne opened up her home to guests for a homely dining experience and all in all to have a good time together. With her carefully curated menu, she will take you on a journey across the globe with her food. 

4. Cooking Workshops 

Make food from around the world or traditional Asian cuisine from scratch at Kiss My Pans’s cooking workshops. All their workshops stretch over a period of 3 hours and feature food like Roasted Crispy Pork, Dark Soya Sauce Chicken and many more.

The next time you’re looking to hold a small corporate party, a get-together session with your friends and family – be sure to check out Kiss My Pans for a special twist!