You’d sworn to not be that bride. Instead, you want to be calm and collected at your wedding scene, with pinterest/insta- worthy décor amongst a carefully curated list of family and friends. Here are some ways to help you cruise along your special day so you can make memories to look back on with fondness.

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  • Realise that some things may not always go your way. Maybe the venue you’d shortlisted a while ago is no longer available, or some guests can’t make it at the last minute. Make some contingency plans and have back-ups in place. That way, when things crop up you’ll be better prepared to handle them rather than fretting and losing your temper. 
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  • Use the 24-hour rule when you have to deal with unsavoury/unexpected situations. Do you have a wedding planner who can’t fit certain requirements due to budget or time constraints? Or a bridesmaid who didn’t appear to be as enthusiastic about the bridesmaid dress? Sometimes tone just doesn’t carry well over an email and when you re-read the message later, it may not be as it first appeared. Rather than having to apologize later, wouldn’t it be better to take a step back and reply when you’re calm?
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  • Don’t compare your wedding to anyone else’s. Although it’s tempting to do so, it’s a bad idea as each wedding reflects the ideas and preferences of the individuals involved. On that note, remember that no one but you notice the pink is a shade lighter than it should be. In the end, the wedding is about the company and the vows, so try not to stress too much over things that are beyond your control.
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  • Always keep your budget in mind, and keep the communication open. The shortest route to being a bridezilla starts with a small ball of stress that quickly becomes unmanageable, and one of  the biggest contributing factor is budget. Remember to keep your partner involved in your plans, and be prepared to make some compromises to keep within your budget.
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  • Keep your pre- and post- wedding events to a minimum. While you may truly enjoy hanging out with company, it isn’t entirely necessary for you to have an engagement party, a wedding party, a hen’s night, a reception, etc. No matter how much you love your family and friends, you will need time to unwind from all the interactions, in addition to spending quality time with your new spouse. 
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  • Take a break from all the planning once in a while. While it sounds counter-productive to take a breather at times, it is important to take time to recharge so the planning process doesn’t seem like a chore. Take a midday nap, have dinner with your friends, watch a Netflix series, and you’ll probably be more focused for sussing out the next best deals.
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  • Finally, it may sound like a no-brainer, but remember to have fun! Right from the moment you get up, decide that you will enjoy the day, no matter what. That’s right, even if the napkin holders are stainless steel instead of the brushed steel that you were sure you’d ordered, or if the cake looks like the precursor to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, be in the moment and enjoy your day. You’re not likely to remember all the tiny details over the years, but you’re sure to remember the feelings that the wedding day evoked. Make it a day worth remembering by choosing to be positive and flexible!