After you have carefully planned your perfect party, you think you have everything under control. That’s not entirely true. One thing you can’t control is the way your guests behave.

There will come a time when you’ll have to deal with party guests behaving badly, from the surprise guests to the ones who’ve had too much to drink.

Here’s what you can do when faced with guests behaving badly:

Unexpected Guests: Children and Plus Ones

When an invited guest arrives with an unexpected guest, do your best to accommodate them without disturbing the event. Be the gracious host and don’t make a scene. Arrange for an extra chair. As a host, you should plan for times like by factoring in extra food and drinks.

Unexpected Guests: Stranger / Gate Crasher

You see someone you don’t recognise, and no one in your party has any idea who the person is. This usually happens in large gatherings held in places like hotels where multiple events take place. Ask your party planner or venue manager to quietly approach the party crasher and then escort them to the door.

Guests overstaying their welcome

When you’re ready to call it a night but your guests still won’t end the party, start to clear the plates, let out a big yawn and say, “It’s been great having you here. Let’s do this again sometime.”

Kids behaving badly

In children’s parties, there’s always the possibility of kids having tantrums or having a crying fit. If the parent is present, ask them to handle the situation. If not, offer another activity to redirect the child’s attention. You may need to take a child to a quiet spot for him to calm down before rejoining the party. It helps a lot when there’s another adult looking out for the kids during the party.

Rude / Drunk Guests

Bad behaviour during parties is often caused by drunkenness. A guest may talk too loudly, become argumentative, threaten other guests, or even become violent. Bad behaviour can disrupt your party and put others in awkward situations.

In a large party where there’s an open bar, talk to the venue manager about serving the right amount of drinks to guests.

If you see a guest being unruly, take care of the situation before it gets worse. Ask the person that the unruly guest arrived with, or a good friend, to steer him to the bathroom or outside the venue and try to talk some sense into him. If that doesn’t work, then it’s time to call a cab for him to go home.

Anticipating possible scenarios will help you deal with inappropriate guest behaviour. As the perfect party host, you have to be ready for anything, and be able to embrace the unexpected.

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