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Introducing the new Delegate PLAY and what you can expect from it

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are now dependent on technology to reach out to their customers. This includes the events industry as well, who has been hit the hardest during this period. Singapore is now seeing a new normal where physical events are moving towards virtual events that are more convenient and comfortable for consumers.

This is why we are introducing the new Delegate PLAY! Delegate PLAY is a fully immersive virtual environment which allows users to host online conferences and exhibitions on one platform. Event organisers, sponsors and attendees will be able to interact and network in an online virtual environment, transforming traditionally offline experiences into online formats.

Key benefits of using Delegate PLAY

  • Cost effective solution: reach global audiences with no need for travel
  • Audience engagement: track real time audience participation and interaction
  • Event ROI: measure engagement, turnout and performance
  • Accessible everywhere: attendees can access events on the go from any device
  • Unlimited content: speakers can deliver content remotely with no constraints
  • Brand replacement: custom virtual fairgrounds setup with event branding

From concept to delivery

Delegate PLAY is a complete conference solution that will transform your offline event to an online experience that will achieve maximum impact. This covers from pre-event, during the event, and-post event.


Here, we set up the framework for a successful virtual conference with our tools and services. Our team can work with you to deliver a branded and bespoke landing page to excite attendees about your conference, and maximise registrations and turnouts. 

You can add key information on your landing page to drive registrations such as a clear agenda, speaker bios, webinar schedule and chat timings. Include a custom FAQ session to answer event specific questions your audiences might have. 

Capture interest and registration for your virtual conference with a customised form for attendees. Flexible registration forms makes it easy to collect and update information unique to each attendee.

During event

This is the step where you will wow your audience with a custom immersive virtual experience. Attendees start their journey through our virtual lobby with no downloads required. They will be able to attend the virtual environment through their desktop or mobile device.The platform mimics the dynamics of a physical conference making it easy to navigate around.

Our platform allows for multiple virtual halls which can be customised to accommodate different conference tracks. Each virtual hall accommodates up to 20 booths per hall and will allow for event branding and sponsor placements.


Just like in an actual conference, our virtual environment will have a dedicated information booth and organiser booth allowing attendees to access event agendas and resources. Attendees can also interact with live help desk agents and access a help centre for more information about the event.

Our virtual environment can accommodate up to 100 booths. Each sponsor or exhibitor will be able to add videos, presentations and documents in their custom designed virtual booth. Each booth has multiple customer touchpoints such as live chat, video call, appointment setting, door gift redemption and a Call-To-Action (CTA) to their website or online store.

Exhibitors are able to start meaningful conversations with attendees using text and video chat functions within their booth. Make use of our appointment calendar to set meetings on video chat with attendees pre-event and during the event.

Main stage

Our virtual environment has an online auditorium allowing you to host lectures, keynotes and panel discussions throughout your conference. Facilitate 2-way conversations with our Q&A functions to encourage audience engagement.

Post event

After the event, it’s important to track what matters by extracting data about your event’s performance to analyse your event ROI. ROI reports and data extraction assess event performance and evaluate progress toward your goals.

With Delegate PLAY, you can:

  • Generate insights with attendee intelligence & engagement tracking. 
  • Optimize conversation for seamless reporting. 
  • Track and analyze your event’s performance at any stage with robust reporting and highly customizable reports.
  • Track registrations, turnout, engagement stats and metrics at the event-wide and booth-specific levels.

Interested in hosting a virtual event on Delegate PLAY? Register your interest via the form below and we’ll get in touch in a jiffy.

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