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A guide on what to consider when listing for Instant Purchases or gift cards

It looks like you’ve already read our piece on the introduction of Instant Purchase and the benefits of gift cards for local businesses. With the difficulties brought about by the current pandemic and circuit breaker measures, you’ve also decided to list your gift cards and care packages with us. That’s why we’ve decided to come up with this quick guide on how to make the best out of your decision to list with Delegate! If you’re a vendor and have not yet listed your gift cards or care packages, what are you waiting for? Click here!

Product or service?

product or service - gift cards and instant purchases
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The first step requires you to know what it is that you are listing. The things to consider varies according to the type of product you have. Actually, we have to take a step back. The first step is to know if you are listing a product or a service. Should it be a product, then issues that crop up are things like validity period or delivery options. Is it an item that’s only valid during the circuit breaker period? Or are you looking to have it be valid beyond the first of June? 

Given the current public health situation, delivery has suddenly become central to many business decisions. While pick up can always be an option, consumers may still be wary and chances are that delivery would be their go to option. Hence, it’s vital to do some backend work first and figure out which delivery method works best for your business. From there, there’s a need to gauge a delivery fee that benefits all parties involved.

Entice users to click on your gift cards or Instant Purchases

User deciding between gift cards and instant purchases
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When a potential customer scrolls through, you’d want them to pause and (minimally) consider clicking on your gift card/Instant Purchase. In order to capture their attention, you have two options – visuals and choice of words for title. The visual side is self explanatory. Having a high quality photograph of your product or service increases the likelihood of a potential purchase. A good photograph can also add validity, from the potential customer’s POV. Naming of your gift card/instant purchase can help entice users as well! As much as it’s important to name accurately, having a tongue-in-cheek/pun filled name could turn out great if it matches the vibe of your business!

Two good examples are these right here from Honey&Gazelle Design Studio and GudSht. Both are fun, quirky and would immediately catch the attention of most users!

Also, a great way to entice users is to create gift cards or Instant Purchases around special occasions, events or themes. Depending on the type of business you run, there are certain occasions you might want to pay more attention to (eg. Mother’s Day, Children’s Day, end of the Circuit Breaker period etc.)

Be clear with details of your gift cards and Instant Purchases

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At this stage, you’ve already piqued the interest of the user. The next step is to be clear with all the information provided. A good way to start could be reminding potential customers that the gift card or Instant Purchase you have happens to be a promotional rate. Everyone loves a discount, so keeping that in the minds of potential customers is a step in the right direction.

Thereafter, it gets rather tricky to have a one-size-fits-all guide. It really depends on the type of business you are running and the type of offers you’re having. For example, if you’re listing a gift card, validity period and redemption options become more relevant. For Instant Purchases, the “How to Redeem” segment may be more relevant instead. All in all, it’s good to prepare the following details in a clear and concise manner:

  • Name of package
  • Package price
  • Usual price (if applicable)
  • Package expiry date (if applicable)
  • Validity period (if applicable)
  • Package details (package inclusions, complimentary items and/or additional top-ups)
  • How to redeem package
  • Terms & conditions
  • Package image (recommended image size: 525 x 400px)

If you’re a vendor and are interested in listing your gift cards or care packages with us, click here!

Know how to protect yourself

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We’d all want to avoid people not fully understanding what exactly it is they are purchasing. Unfortunately, this is almost always bound to happen, even if you were very clear with the description and details. To add to that, the chances of a misunderstanding exponentially increases when the entire transaction occurs online. You can’t rely on yourself/your staff taking queries face-to-face. So, do fill up the terms and conditions segment. It could be simple rules outlining what can and cannot be redeemed, whether the gift card is refundable, or the full extent of the package bought.

On top of implementing new features on our site to support our vendors, we’ve also launched an Event Business Support Hub to provide you with resources during this trying time.

Our team is always eager to hear what you think about our latest features or to simply hear from you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our vendor support team any time. In the meantime, stay well and healthy. We are all in this together.

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