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Must-Have Photo Checklist For Your Wedding Photoshoot

Avoid awkward moments involving oddly placed limbs and tense smiles by having a checklist of all the images you want captured. 

A good photographer will be able to document the most precious moments in the most authentic way, allowing you to enjoy your day without feeling like you’re at the studio. However, among all the unplanned smiles and laughter, as a couple, you might want to have a few posed portraits to spice up your photo album. That means you’ll have to think about the poses you’ll be striking. Having a planned checklist will help make sure your photographer captures all the poses you want. Have a shot you saw on a wedding catalogue and thought was a must-have, put it down to make sure you have no regrets when you miss it out. 

These are perfectly flexible and depend on the couple and the elements for their wedding they want to capture and hold dearly years from now. 

1. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

The journey to the big day, amidst the stressing and ups and downs, needs to be captured for you and your partner to remember every moment that led you to the very moment when the both of you walked the aisle as one. Plan to have an engagement shoot with your partner and snap a couple of shots. This is also a great opportunity to get to know your photographer and vice-versa, allowing him to adapt their shooting style to your needs and expectations as a couple. 

Image Credits: FSquared Photography

2. Venue Snaps

You put in a lot of work to get your venue to look as magnificent as it does, so make sure your photographer documents everything from your wedding invites to the “getting ready” shots of both bride and groom and their bridal parties. These are really special moments, as some couples get tear-eyed preparing to start their happily ever after, surrounded by family and friends.

Image Credits: FSquared Photography

3. Trip To The Ceremony

If you picked a fancy ride as your wedding car, then don’t hesitate to have our photographer capture a moment as you cruise in your classy car, adorned in all your wedding garb and decorations.

Image Credits: FSquared Photography

4. Walking Down the Aisle

Picture this, wedding gown flowing in all its glory, veiled and nervous, your wedding song playing in the background! This is the moment many brides have likely looked forward to for years, so make sure your journey as you go from Miss to someone’s Mrs is captured.

Image Credits: FSquared Photography

5. First Kiss or Vows

As a couple, of course you’ve shared many beautiful kisses with your partner, but there’s nothing like the first kiss as a married couple – a seal and declaration of your love in front of family and friends. Make sure your photographer gets a good view here (while keeping it PG of course). If you won’t be sharing a kiss as the solemnization ceremony, then make sure your photographer documents the moment you and your partner share your vows. If you’ll be writing your own vows, this will be a perfect moment to truly capture the love and any tears of joy that might sneak up!

Image Credits: FSquared Photography

6. Just-Got-Married Shot

In all your smiles, as you’re smitten and glowing, having just tied your lives together, you’ll definitely want to capture your first moments as a married couple. Whether this is a fleeting shot as you and your forever-beau are walking out, or into your “get-away” car, years from now, you’ll appreciate having a beautiful image to remind you of the little moments that made your big day extra special.

Image Credits: FSquared Photography

7. With Parents or Your Kids (If you have any)

For a heartwarming moment, get a shot with both your parents, or your kids if you have any. This is a beautiful moment to document your love extended with the people you hold close to your hearts. Get the people close to you in a lovely shot, be it your best friends, or siblings to capture the love.

Image Credits: FSquared Photography

8. Speech Time

Speeches often solicit lots of emotions, and though there’s no need to pose for these, they make for really great shots to capture. Get your photographer to document as your selected guests make toasts to your love.

Image Credits: FSquared Photography

9. Wedding Gown

You most likely did a lot of worrying before eventually getting your dream wedding gown, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to capture your beauty in all its glory. Get a shot before you put it on, hanging or displayed out on the bed, and several others while you rock it. Make sure to have a bridal and groom portrait so you both show off the perfect pick you made to wear as you take the trip down the aisle to start your happily ever after.

Image Credits: FSquared Photography

10. First Dance

Your first dance as a couple is a sweet moment you should definitely have documented to look back at on your anniversary, years from the special day.  Big moments are made up of small, meaningful little details, so make sure to get in as much detail about your big day as you can. 

Image Credits: FSquared Photography

As a trusted vendor on Delegate, FSQUARED Photography prides themselves in their ability to combine a photojournalism approach with artistic angles and innovative light play to get the best shots. FSQUARED Photography makes wedding photography into an enjoyable and creative process for couples, going above and beyond with their photography packages to fulfill the couples’ wants and needs – even the wildest requests.

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