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Recommended Wedding Photographers in Singapore for 2021

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. It’s time-consuming and expensive, but the memories are worth it. The perfect location, floral arrangements, table settings – these details are what really make your day special. But there’s one detail that you can’t overlook: the photographer! This person will be able to capture all of your precious moments on camera for years to come. 

It’s difficult to find the perfect photographer, and that is why we have compiled this list of recommended photographers for you! This list includes those with more experience in the industry as well as highly skilled and will provide excellent photos from your special day. This list of photographers in Singapore will help create some of those unforgettable memories with their stunning work!

1. aMusephotographer

Meet Amusephotographer, the award winning photographers who not only have a passion for capturing life and joy through their professional camera lens but also love. Charles is fueled by his muse to document your wedding day as it unfolds with all of its spontaneous cheers, joyful celebrations, emotional tears and uninhibited moments captured in beautiful memories that can be preserved forever!

Image Credits: aMusephotographer

2. FSQUARED Photography

FSQUARED Photography can capture not just your memories, but how you feel in the moment. They take a photojournalistic approach with artistic angles and innovative light play to create deep emotional photos that are one of a kind for each couple. You’ll never find boring poses or awkward smiles from this team; they’re all about making sure their clients have fun during what is often an exhausting day!

Image Credits: FSQUARED Photography

3. Korea Artiz Studio

Korea Artiz Studio portraits capture timeless moments that can never be forgotten. The photo left an impression on them and their photography, impacting both of them in the most beautiful way possible. This is why they wish for all brides and grooms to have these same feelings when viewing their own photos, so every moment of a loving couple should remain forever preserved through photographs.

Image Credits: Korea Artiz Studio

4. Leia Weddings

Leia Weddings ensures a fuss-free experience for brides. With more than 40 years of industry knowledge, the team will be dedicated to your big day. You can enjoy full memories and have access to ala carte services such as gown rental, pre-wedding photography, and actual day photos with an affordable all-in package that is tailored just for you!

Image credits: Leia Weddings

5. Multifolds Productions

Multifolds Productions is a team of passionate, unscripted photographers who work hard to capture the true emotions and moments in every photo. Whether you’re getting ready for your wedding day or walking down the aisle on it, their photography style will allow your story to live through them each time they shoot an image. They want couples from all walks of life with different backgrounds and stories because that’s what makes this world so amazing; everyone has one! The best part about Multifolds Production? Their dedication not just into taking shots but capturing real reactions – whether laughing till tears run dry while preparing together or sharing genuine smiles as he puts his ring on her finger at the last minute before saying I do.

Image Credits: Multifolds Productions

6. Studio Five Weddings

Studio Five Weddings promises to capture your most cherished moments with the help of their expert team. Their love for capturing stories is what sets them apart from other photography studios, and they will work closely with you before your wedding day so that every photo captures a special moment in time between two people deeply bonded by true love. They want everyone who sees these photos to feel like they are looking into not just one person’s life but many lives at once through an artist’s lens—and it’d be amazing if we were all part of yours!

Image Credits: Studio Five Weddings

7. The GAS Station

The Gas Station captures the happiest moments of your most important days, with a team dedicated to creating emotional and powerful photos. From pre-wedding photoshoots to capturing every moment on your wedding day, The Gas Station ensures they capture each happy memory in all its glory! Photos are like fingerprints: Unique from anything they’ve ever done before, but their goal is always the same—to tell an authentic love story through pictures so that you can share it forever.

Image Credits: The GAS Station

8. Visual Recollections

Virtual Recollections are your photographers and guides to capture all the best moments of a special day. They believe that providing you with quality photos is their top priority, as every customer deserves satisfaction on their big day. Visual Recollections provides one-stop photography service for capturing these memories and preserving them forever in time.

Image Credits: Visual Recollections
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