Tips And Ideas For Organising A Hen Party

Any bride-to-be will definitely feel stressed and overwhelmed by all the planning and coordinating that she has to do before her wedding day.

Organising a hen’s night or hen party gives the bride-to-be an occasion to let her hair down and have loads of fun with her closest girl friends, and also to ease her pre-wedding nerves.

A hen party is usually organised by the maid of honour, with the rest of the bridesmaids helping out too.

Make sure the bride-to-be says goodbye to single life in a memorable fashion. Here are some tips for the maid of honour to help in organising a hen party:

  • Ask other bridesmaids for help not only in organising the event but also in taking care of the expenses. Ask everyone invited to chip in equally. Set your budget, then set the amount each person pays.
  • Make it special and personal. The event is all about the bride-to-be so make every effort to make her feel special. Include thoughtful gestures like doing an activity she loves and presenting her with a keepsake photobook with your special messages to her.
  • Make it fun, but don’t embarrass the bride-to-be. It’s important here that you know what she’s really like. You should know if blowing condom balloons will make her laugh or make her uncomfortable.

Hen Party Ideas

  1. Wine Tasting. Organise a wine tasting event. It’s a fun, sophisticated way to get a bit buzzed. To be memorable, make a reservation in an exclusive restaurant or venue, not the gang’s usual hangout place.
  1. Sparty. A day at the spa is a great stress buster. Pamper yourselves and go for the whole works! A full service spa offering everything from massages, facials and mud wraps to mani-pedi sessions and makeovers gives the bride-to-be and her entourage youthful, glowing looks for the wedding day.
  1. Sexy Dancing Class. Now is a great time to learn belly dancing or pole dancing. Hire an instructor to teach you how to unleash your inner sexy dancer. Shake that booty, sway those hips and hang on tight to that pole. Yeah, baby!
  1. Lingerie Party and Photoshoot. Ask everyone to bring a gift for the bride from the lingerie department. And bring your own makeup too. At the party, everyone’s dressed in their sexy lingeries. Each one pretends to walk in a fashion runway and pose for the cameras, while the others act as photographers and snap away. Those photos will be precioussss!
  1. Nature Trip. Take a hike in the woods and breathe in the fresh air. A nature retreat leaves everyone with a fresh perspective that brings clarity and focus.
  1. Yacht Party. Sail away, go out of the city and momentarily forget all its hassles. Rent a yacht for a day of luxurious relaxation.

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