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Appreciation Series: 10 Venues In The CBD To Celebrate Your Colleagues’ Birthday

There are many ways to show your appreciation to your colleagues, be it getting them coffee in the morning or celebrating their promotion. However, one way you can really show how much you treasure them is by celebrating their birthdays. With a little help from the Delegate team, here’s how you can plan a birthday party for your colleagues to show how much you care and value having them in your life!

1. Froth

Does your colleague love both Asian and Western food? Why not have the best of both worlds with Froth for their birthday? Specialising modern Asian fusion fare, Froth has a wide variety of original creations like Seafood Tom Yum Risotto, Siobak Aglio and Taro Waffles. Better yet, they have set lunches on weekdays from 11:30am to 2:30pm if you’re looking for something more affordable!

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2. Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar

If you’re looking for somewhere chic yet casual to celebrate your colleague’s birthday, Longtail Asian Brasserie & Bar is where you want to hold it! Providing authentic and creative South East Asian street cuisine, snacks and a diverse range of Asian beers, there’s surely something that your colleague will enjoy! If you’re intending to celebrate on a weeknight, they have happy hour promotions too!

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3. Meat And Green

If your colleague’s is trying to eat healthier, why not check out Meat and Green for their birthday? With healthy salads and wraps in the day (and transforming into a bar at night), Meat and Green’s wholesome and nutritious lunch menu would probably make your colleague very happy. If you’re looking to celebrate at night, Delegate has a special package just for you on our website!

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4. The Powder Room

Is your colleague a fan of the 1920s and alcohol? Then The Powder Room is where you want to be! Relive the roaring 20s all over again with its elegant and classic decor. Nestled in the heart of the CBD, The Powder Room makes for a convenient and comfortable place to celebrate your colleague’s birthday over a couple of drinks. You could also book a private dining room should your colleague prefer a more quiet celebration.

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5.  IZY

If your colleague loves Japanese culture and food, you would want to check out IZY! Branded as a pop culture modern Izakaya (Japanese Bar) with an open concept kitchen, IZY provides exquisite Japanese fare that will coat each of your tastebuds with a burst a flavour. Some of their signature dishes include their wagyu tomato sukiyaki and wagyu truffle don.

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6. Kabuke

Continuing with the Japanese theme, if your colleague loves Sake, you might want to consider celebrating their birthday at Kazuke. Located in a traditional shophouse at Telok Ayer, Kazuke is a bar that specialises in Japanese Sake. Enjoy an exclusive eating and drinking experience with only available at Kazuke. Sake pairing experiences can also be reserved if you want a more exclusive celebration.

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7. Rookery

If you just want somewhere quiet to celebrate your colleague’s birthday, Rookery is a peaceful and serene place to check out. Located just 3 mins away from Raffles Place MRT and Downtown MRT, Rookery is a brunch café by day and restaurant bar by night. If your colleague just wants somewhere with affordable and freshly brewed coffee or just to chill out and have a nice brunch, Rookery is the perfect place.

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8. Bourbon Street Singapore

What does bourbon, whiskey and a New Orleans have in common? Bourbon Street Singapore! If your colleague enjoys all of the above along with delicious southern styled food, reserve a table at Bourbon Street Singapore today! Inspired by New Orleans, Bourbon Street Singapore promises to deliver to you an authentic southern dining experience coupled with different types of alcohol.

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9. FRY Bistro

If you’re looking for somewhere that gives you an unblocked view of Singapore’s scenic night sky, check out FRY Bistro. Opened by local celebrity Irene Ang, FRY Bistro’s open rooftop concept allows you to do some star gazing after work. It’s vintage setup and decor also makes it especially cosy, allowing your colleague to enjoy their birthday in comfort.

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10. The Mad Men Attic Bar

Want to treat your colleague to some live music? Created with the intention of being a Go-To Post-Work hideout in Boat Quay, The Mad Men Attic Bar makes for the perfect after-work relaxation spot. Let your colleague chill with a wide selection of drinks and food. If you really wanted to, you could probably get the live performers to sing for your colleague, making it an extra memorable birthday for them.

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