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Make Your New Home #lifeproof with Great Eastern

The bliss of spending the rest of your life with someone and building a home together is truly exciting! Starting the next chapter of your life is definitely one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make; and one of those milestones is choosing a home to build your family in.

A whole lot goes into picking the perfect home. Purchasing a new home while planning a wedding can be stressful, both mentally and financially. While there is a long list of things to consider, building a safety net to protect you and your family’s future should also be a high priority as it provides for you and your family in the event of an unexpected circumstance.

We understand that the stress of planning can get overwhelming. That’s why we’re bringing you the Great Eastern HomeStarter Kit. The HomeStarter kit is designed to help make moving into your new home a stress-free breeze! Giving you more time to better plan for your family’s future.

The Great Eastern HomeStarter Kit

So, what exactly is the Great Eastern HomeStarter Kit you ask? The Great Eastern HomeStarter Kit provides you with offers and discounts to help you ease into your new home journey.

When you register for the Delegate Virtual Wedding Festival, you will get a free HomeStarter Kit that includes the following:

  • $40 Off Helpling Cleaning Services 

With $40 off for cleaning services provided by Helpling, you do not need to go into the trouble of cleaning all the dust and mess after renovation. This includes move cleaning, post-reno cleaning, air-con servicing, plumbing and handyman services.

  • $24 Off FairPrice Online Purchases

If you are planning to celebrate your new home with family and friends over delicious home cooked meals, purchase your groceries on FairPrice Online. With up to $24 off FairPrice Online purchases, have your daily essentials delivered to you, when you purchase them from the comfort of your home. New FairPrice Online customers will receive $12 off with a minimum spend of $80 while existing FairPrice Online customers will receive $12 off with a minimum spend of $150.

Settling into your new home, made easier for you!

Delegate Virtual Wedding Festival

Register for the Delegate Virtual Wedding Festival from 17th to 18th April 2021 and receive a FREE Great Eastern HomeStarter Kit! Enjoy exclusive deals with 8% cashback on all bookings & over $10,000 worth of prizes to giveaway! Experience a one-of-a-kind wedding planning experience virtually and get inspired by the latest wedding trends in the industry! RSVP to the Delegate Virtual Wedding Festival now!

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