10 Wedding Must-Haves

Planning for your big day can be incredibly stressful, especially if you’re the kind of bride/ groom who says “no thanks” to having a wedding planner and prefer to take charge instead. How do you begin to choose the right cake/ florists/ invitation cards etc. when there are so many options out there?! To make things simpler for you, we’ve shortlisted some of the must-haves at a wedding.

1. Wedding venue

Planning for one of the biggest days in your life is definitely a stressful process but before you turn into a bridezilla, calm down! You’ve got this. Start from the most important thing of all — securing a venue.

If you’re thinking of hosting a more intimate party, why not kick start your day with a simple outdoor party before moving into a hotel ballroom? P/S, this will give you a chance to take more beautiful pictures too!

Image Credits: Park Hotel Alexandra

If a small-scale wedding isn’t what you’re searching for, don’t be afraid to glam up your space. Most hotel ballrooms come with chandeliers but don’t hesitate to add in personal touches if you can! A personal favourite of mine is to have strings of fairy lights draping across the room. Imagine walking in with the love of your live under the glow of hundreds of little lights – it can’t get more romantic than that.

Image Credits: Deer Pearl Flowers

There are many other considerations when picking out the most suitable venue besides the date of availability, the price, and the size and grandeur of the venue. Download our FREE Wedding Venue Checklist for all the criteria you’ll need to consider when choosing the venue for that special occasion!

2. Wedding Invites 

After securing the venue, the next step is to secure the people. Wedding invites should correspond to your wedding theme so guests will know what kind of outfits to wear and what kind of gifts to prepare.

Image Credits: Ink Scribbler

Don’t forget to send out invitations to recruit your bridesmaids and groomsmen too! They will form your home team as you dive into preparing for the wedding. Show your appreciation in advance with a sincere personalised invitation.

Image Credits: Spick Studio

3. Wedding Favours

If you’re already spending quite a bit on preparing favours, why not find some that are practical and that your guests will love? Choose nondescript wedding favours like these personalised marble coasters or perhaps have a photo booth for guests to have fun at?

Image Credits: Lemonpassion Calligraphy

Even better – find photobooths that provide guests with gif copies of their photos that they can post onto social media under your wedding hashtag. This way, you’ll have a virtual photo album you can look back on forever!

Image Credits: Telltale Photobooth

4. Wedding Decorations 

While having a theme for your wedding party isn’t a must, it’ll definitely look neater and prettier if all your decorations are centered around the same style. Consider enlisting the help of an event stylist to do all the sourcing and the making for you. This way, all you have to do is to enjoy the final effect.

Image Credits: Med Kärlek Inc.

5. Wedding Banquet

Even though your friends and family will love to celebrate your big day with you, there’s no doubt that they’ll be happier if you provide them with a delicious spread. Most hotels will have their own banquet menus for you to choose from but if you’re holding a small outdoor pre-party, why not consider serving some little bites? You can go two ways – healthy or sinful.

Image Credits: Blanc Studios

6. Wedding Cake

The star of the traditional cake cutting ceremony, this is the one thing you can’t do without at a wedding.

Image Credits: Susucre

7. Music and Emcees 

Together, these will help to set the right ambiance at your wedding dinner. Usually, the bride and groom will opt for having a close friend or family member too hot but if your friends are a little shy, perhaps engaging an emcee will help!

Image Credits: Wedding Buddies

8. Florists 

Flowers have been part and parcel of every bride’s outfit but now, there are more ways to get creative with them! You can customise your bouquet’s colours and themes or even incorporate unusual elements, like adding some succulents, into your bouquet if you’re tired of traditional roses. Or, consider opting for paper or synthetic flowers. These will make lovely keepsakes that you can hold on to forever!

Image Credits: Flower Story

9. Outfits and Makeup 

This is one thing that guys just don’t understand and they’ll end up saying things like “you’re pretty just as you are, we don’t need to find a make up artist!”

What they don’t know is that every bride wants to look her very best on this special day and so, finding a good hair make up artist is essential. In fact, while you’re at it, why not treat your bridesmaids to a little pampering too?

Image Credits: Karis Chiu Makeup

10. Wedding Photography and Videography

Last but certainly not least, these are the people who turn your memories from one day/night into keepsakes you can look back on for life. Having a strong photography and videography team is critical for turning all the fleeting moments to sempiternal captures.

Image Credits: Momentold Productions

And there you have it – 10 wedding must-haves! Check out Delegate and find the vendor you love and inspirations for your wedding to make your wedding plans come to life!

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