Wedding cancellation policy updates during COVID-19

During this uncertain period of time, many of us struggle to keep up with the constant changes made to COVID-19 restrictions. New information is being given to us on an everyday basis. Plans that we have made to do after Circuit Breaker have all ended up being usurped by strict Phase 1 measures. It’s hard to reschedule new dates, especially when it comes to weddings. Many couples are worried that there are no compensations for cancelling their weddings in these unforeseen circumstances. 

This is why we have come up with a list of updates in wedding cancellation policies just for you! We know how bummed you must feel to postpone your wedding, even more so if it comes with high costs. Through all the reasons for wedding cancellation, these vendors want to reach out to you and let you know that they understand the uncertainties of this pandemic. This list includes a range of categories concerning your upcoming big day. We’re here to explore photography and videography, F&B, venues, entertainment, flowers and styling, suits, hair and makeup. Let’s #SaveWeddingVendors with these exclusive flexible policies.

Photography and Videography

Multifolds Photography

Multifolds Photography wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Multifolds Photography

Having the luxury of changing your wedding photography date without extra charges? Is it really possible? For deposits or invoices issued before 20th March 2020, there are no postponement fees required for postponed dates within the next 12 months. This is subjected to the photographer’s availability and limited to 31st December 2021. Multifolds Photography offers journalistic wedding photography that unfolds your memories of love through their photos. As we know how tough it is to keep up with the COVID-19 restrictions, check back with them for new dates or other plan changes!

Vincent Photo

Vincent Photo wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Vincent Photo

As a member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association, you can expect only professional pictures from Vincent Photo. You only need just 30% deposit to confirm their services. If you choose to postpone your wedding date due to COVID-19, any deposit paid towards your invoice can be converted into credits for a reschedule. Moreover, if you decide to shorten your photoshoot hours, you are entitled to convert your hours into other packages or beautiful memory mementos such as photo books, albums, or photos with frames.


Valanci wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Valanci

Distressed that the COVID-19 situation might affect your plans late into 2020? Look no further for 0 flexibility charges. For any confirmed jobs with deposit, Valanci is able to give an extension up to the end of 2021. You deserve to have your best moments captured on your big day. Enjoy your wedding, and leave your memories for Valanci to preserve them for you.

Cloud Booth

Cloud Booth wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Cloud Booth

Featuring unlimited instant prints and the ever-popular GIF booths, Cloud Booth allows your guests to take back your wedding memories with them as well! No such thing as a fixed wedding cancellation policy with them. Without additional costs, Butt Booth offers three different options for you and your partner to explore! If made necessary by the inconvenience of the pandemic, you can choose either to postpone the service to another date in 2020 or 2021, transfer the services booked to other events, or to other people.

Underthestars Photography

Underthestars Photography wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Underthestars Photography

For the aesthetics of dreamlike and whimsy heartfelt emotions, Underthestars Photography freezes time just for you. With no additional cost, postponement and rescheduling of your wedding is allowed as long as Underthestars are available on the new date. In the unfortunate event you decide to cancel your wedding, their wedding photography contract cancellation policy has changed. You will be able to convert the non-refundable deposit into other photoshoot services they offer. Lastly, if the team is unable to perform the service due to staff quarantine complications, a full refund of the service deposit will be promised to make up for the undelivered service.


AMusePhotographer wedding cancellation policy
Photo credits: AMusePhotographer

Being someone’s muse means that you are the sole centre of their inspiration for creativity. Can’t imagine that feeling? AMusePhotographer can bring it to you. They have no penalty charges for postponement, reschedule, and even allowing a change of service packages. Almost sounds too good to be true! As long as the deposit already paid for is not higher than the cost of the new package, AMusePhotographer is here to save your wedding pictures up till 2021. However, for cancellation of services entirely, any deposit paid will be non-refundable.


Smittenpixels wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Smittenpixels

Smitenpixels finds joy in the smallest, imperfect moments that create a perfect memory. The scrunch of the nose or the soft dimples in the cheeks, they capture the unnoticeable things you might miss. Couples are able to postpone their services up to 12 months from the original wedding date. On top of that, thinking of switching a maternity shoot to a family shoot? You can! Smittenpixels also allows you to change from one service to another.

Jeffery Koh Photography

Jeffery Koh Photography wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Jeffery Koh Photography

Through breaking away from the fun-filled posed pictures to candid shots that will last a lifetime, Jeffery Koh Photography covers it all in your wedding. They value your memories and safety during this period of time. COVID-19 restrictions or health reasons during this period are valid reasons for wedding cancellation. Therefore, changing of booking or dates will be allowed- for free! Deposit will be refunded in full if the alternative date is not available.

The Story Box Co.

The Story Box Co. wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: The Story Box Co.

Love the vibes of a vintage-style photo booth? The Story Box Co is here for you with their unique handcrafted vintage booths for your wedding. For couples who have signed up with The Story Box Co during the COVID-19 period, they are allowing extension and postponement flexibility. You can find more information when you check in with them! Say goodbye to strict wedding photography contract cancellation policy!

Twist Photography

Twist Photography wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Twist Photography

Relieve your wedding memories through Twist Photography’s photos for a lifetime. Twist Photography offers huge changes in their wedding cancellation policy! Current couples who have packages with them are allowed to postpone their wedding date till the end of 2021 (subject to availability) with no charges. In addition, couples who have signed Actual Day Package and wish to have a split day of solemnization and banquet can now do so! You will be enjoying complimentary spilt day packages, when the usual price was an additional $200 fee to the original package. New couples will also be able to enjoy a spilt day package offer of just $100 additional charges if they sign Actual Day with Solemnization Ceremony. 

Couples that have signed with Twist Photography on Just Delegate’s platform will be enjoying $200 off Actual Day Packages (term & conditions apply). 

For all our frontline heroes and healthcare workers out there, a special package awaits to thank you for your dedicated contributions to Singapore. Twist Photography will be giving out a special promotion of $288 off all packages!

Confetti Peektures

Confetti Peektures wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Confetti Peektures

Confetti Peektures’ photography tells stories that take your nostalgia back to the love that sparked since the first day you met your love. With their obsession with details, you’ll fall head over heels all over again. They have a flexible policy that will allow postponement or rescheduling to 2021, subject to availability and confirmation from photographers.


The Hangover SG (live station)

The Hangover SG wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: The Hangover SG

The joy of watching a barista preparing your bubble tea right in front of your eyes cannot simply be taken away by an unjust wedding cancellation policy. Not as long as The Hangover SG is here to say something about it. Up till mid 2021, you are entitled to postpone or reschedule your purchased event packages. No additional costs! If this isn’t a choice you are looking for, you can also transfer your credits into other event types such as corporate events or private parties.

Amici Events and Catering

Amici Events and Catering wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Amici Events and Catering

No wedding can be complete without yummy food for our precious friends and family. Amici Events and Catering allows couples to hold onto their packages until the end of 2021 without any penalties or postponement fees. Possible promotions might be coming up on our page, stay tuned to find out more!

Grain Catering

Grain Catering wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Grain Catering

There’s no limitations to food with Grain Catering. Grain offers wedding cancellation policy flexibility in 3 ways: extension, postponement and rescheduling. The catch? None! So as long as they are given 3 working days wedding cancellation notice in advance. However, if postponements and cancellations are made with less than 3 working days, a 50% charge is incurred. Normally, if a postponement/cancellation is made with less than 24 hours, a 100% charge will be incurred. Grain understands that there might be last minute postponements/cancellations due to the COVID-19 situation, thus only 50% will be charged to cover the food costs in this situation.


Royal Albatross

Royal Albatross wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Royal Albatross

With Royal Albatross’ unique and eye-catching venue, their flexible wedding venue cancellation policy ensures that you are still able to experience a wedding you will never forget. Enjoy the lavishness and elegance onboard The Royal Albatross. They allow couples to change their wedding dates, subject to The Royal Albatross’ availability.


A Little Dream Live Music

A Little Dream Live Music wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: A Little Dream Live Music

Keeping your guests entertained is definitely an essential for basically any large-scale event. That includes your wedding, of course! Through realising their dream of making music accessible to anyone, A Little Dream Live Music was founded in 2002. For wedding celebrations postponed due to COVID-19, A Little Dream offers a free one-time postponement fee waiver. In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your wedding, a refund will be issued.

Glittering Carousel Live Music

Glittering Carousel Live Music wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Glittering Carousel Live Music

With a team of music professionals, Glittering Carousel Live Music offers top quality music performances and entertainment. Though Glittering Carousel’s wedding cancellation policy does not include refunds for deposits, they’re giving the green light for postponing the packages! If their singers/musicians/hosts/DJs selected are unavailable on the revised dates, they will be replaced with someone of the same calibre. Couples also have the option to upgrade to a higher calibre with a top up fee.

Flowers and Styling

Milk and Honey Event Design

Milk and Honey Event Design wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Milk and Honey Event Design

Weddings are certainly all about the aesthetics. What kind of vibes are you trying to bring? Milk and Honey Event Design listens and creates personalised event designs that match your dream wedding. For couples still pondering about their event designs, there’s no need to rush. Milk and Honey are extending their promotions to 2021.

Petite Petale

Petite Petale wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Petite Petale

The lush colours of flowers symbolise different meanings of love, care and comfort to your significant other. Petite Petale wants to guarantee your unique wedding bouquet regardless of this pandemic. All reservations will have the option to extend, postpone or reschedule to 2021, subject to availability.


Fleurever wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Fleurever

With high quality floral arrangements made just for your big day, Fleurever has introduced 3 special packages made for couples to glow. Their flexible wedding cancellation policy allows couples to extend or reschedule up till December 2021.

The Wallflower Bud

The Wallflower Bud wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: The Wallflower Bud

The Wallflower Bud offers fresh, dry, or preserved flowers for any occasion. As long as they are given a 5 day wedding cancellation notice in advance, all wedding packages this year can be postponed or rescheduled to 2021. For free? Yes! No additional charges and dependent on availability. The Wallflower Bud promises flowers that make you feel as if you are roaming in a wide field filled with fresh flowers on your wedding day.


Edit Suits Co

Edit Suits Co wedding cancellation policy
Image credits: Edit Suits Co

Wanting to look dashingly handsome next to your partner but unable to physically visit showrooms? Afraid of the wedding cancellation policy if you change your date? No need to worry lads, Edit Suits Co offers a flexible deadline for their promotion groom package! Here’s the best part– there’s no deadline. Make your way there according to your time once COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Hair and Makeup

The Little Brush Makeup

The Little Brush Makeup wedding cancellation policy
Photo credits: The Little Brush Makeup

Every lady deserves to look better than they can ever imagine. The Little Brush Makeup ensures that your face features will definitely glow on your special day. If COVID-19 affects your wedding, there will be no additional charges for date changes. Truly a straightforward wedding cancellation policy! If they are not available on the new date, they will forfeit the deposit. Moreover, if that is not ideal for you, you will be allowed to switch the booking to another package that is of the same value or higher!

We, at Delegate, have started an initiative to support the wedding industry. This global pandemic we are in has brought a host of challenges to everyone involved in said industry. From brides-to-be to wedding vendors, these are unprecedented times. We want to be part of the solution and that is why we started this Facebook group – Save Wedding Vendors. We aim to build a community of helpful vendors and members. You can post your queries, ask for recommendations and share promotions or reviews as well.

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