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26 Pre-wedding Photoshoot Theme Ideas

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you must be in the thick of planning for your big day. A pre-wedding photoshoot is in order for the standard Singaporean couple so that guests can admire it during your reception or on-screen prior to your wedding dinner. If you are still at a loss for pre-wedding photoshoot ideas, it’s all good. We have compiled an extensive list for you to be inspired by. Choose a theme (or maybe two) to be a part of your wedding memories.

1. Traditional

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: Jessielyee

Who said that traditional elements in a wedding are backward? Not us. Be it a Nyonya Kebaya or a Sari, don on your traditional costumes and strike a pose. This will be exceptionally sweet if you are celebrating interracial love. We can assure you this will be one that will get the thumbs up from your grandparents.

2. Storybook/ Fairytale

Image Credits: Raymond Phang

It’s every little girl’s dream to fall in love with their prince charming and lives happily ever after in a majestic castle. You can still (partially) live out that dream by opting for fairytale-themed pre-wedding photoshoot ideas –– I mean, what better time than your wedding, right? You can narrow down the theme even more by basing it after your favourite Disney princess (we are all for Mulan!)

3. Childhood

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: Odelia Bridal

If you spent your early years frolicking around a playground and having fun with friends after school at our beloved mama shops, you’re definitely not alone. Revisit these nostalgic places as a backdrop for your photoshoot and bring back the school-girl pigtails and suspenders while you are at it!

4. Artistic

Image Credits: SideXSide

Singapore is full of nooks and crannies that are actually picturesque, yet largely unknown to the typical local. Hit up your photographer for atypical photoshoot locations where couples have their pre-wedding photoshoots. To have that artistic feel, we definitely recommend Haji Lane at Bugis as a start.

5. Architecture

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: BV Wedding Photography

There are no lack of buildings on our shores – we can thank our architects for that. Places like National Gallery or National Museum are popular for pre-wedding photoshoots due to their stunning interiors. Art Science Museum or Louis Vuitton Island Maison are also popular due to their one-of-a-kind exterior designs.

6. Nature

Image Credits: Said & Meant

A fan favourite among Singaporeans would be lalang fields. Simple yet elegant, these natural landscapes are perfect for not being too over the top and yet, still romantic. Photographers swarm to locations like Punggol Park, Tuas Lalang field, Punggol Waterway park and even Coney Island (just remember to pack insect repellent).

7. Rustic

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: Shawnmx Photo

Vintage items has been trending lately, with the rise of film cameras and thrift stores. Millennials are beginning to sport brands that you remember your parents wearing. That aside, a classy 80s themed photoshoot will be a unique concept – with Universal Studios Singapore or Kombi Rocks as two good locations you can consider. Think vintage cars and American diners with iconic red and white stripes.

8. Beach

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: Jessielyee

The word beach is often synonymous with Senotosa at the south of the island. For a more relaxing and private shoot, opt for a more secluded and tranquil sandy setting at Punggol Beach. Prepare beforehand for the terrain, and choose a timing where the tide doesn’t come in as much – you don’t want to be sporting a wet gown or have your props be swept away.

9. Minimalist

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: aMusephotographer

Minimalism is also another popular theme among newlyweds who don’t want something too flashy or require a lot of planning and coordination. Understated yet artistic in the hands of the right photographer, white backgrounds can be found in any part of Singapore, even the unassuming void deck!

10. Quirky

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: Raymond Phang

Perfect for the cheeky couple, these fun pre-wedding photoshoot ideas gives you plenty to look back on and have a good laugh. Location ideas are aplenty, from supermarkets to even IKEA stores. Though you will need to put more thought into your props and facial expressions as well as book a photographer who understands how to capture these moments tastefully.

11. Overseas

A wedding only happens once in your lifetime, so why not splurge a little? Stand out from the next bride and groom by having your pre-wedding shoot overseas! We’re talking pre-wedding photoshoots in Bali, Taiwan, Korea and the like. However, if you would like to get the same scenery from the comforts of our island, there can always be arrangements made with a green screen and a professional photoshop guru.

12. Pets

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: BV Wedding Photography

Should you and your partner have another special significant other in your relationship, why not bring them in to join in the fun? They are a lovely addition to your pictures and act as a wonderful prop. Not to mention, dressing them up in a gown or tuxedo will be super cute as well!

13. Sporty

pre-wedding photoshoot sporty
Image Credits: Raymond Phang

Be it meeting in the same sports CCA in your university days or just being exercise fanatics, a sports-themed shoot would be perfect for the active duo. If you met through a team sport, bring on your whole team to join in as well. Play around with your sports equipment and uniforms that you already own to save on costs.

14. Night

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: Knotties Frame

Singapore’s skyline is one to marvel at, being the forefront of our cityscape and showcased in dozens of our travel advertisements. For night shoots, it will be trickier in terms of ensuring that there is an adequate amount of light. However, for night-time pre-wedding photoshoot ideas, you’ll be spoilt for choice with iconic places like Gardens by the Bay, along the Singapore River and Marina Bay Sands (that has a laser show that happens periodically every night).

15. Glamorous

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: 39 Artisanal

Always wanted to be a model and be photographed for magazines and advertisements, here’s your chance! Opt for a more glamour and editorial-esque shoot, with your own artistic direction and mood. Post-editing will spice up the vibe of the final product so don’t worry if you are someone who can’t pose!

16. Industrial

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: Unsplash

A more unorthodox yet modern setting would be an industrial space for your pre-wedding shoot. A possible location would be Pasir Panjang Power Station to showcase its steely frames and structural metal angles. Do remember to contact Singapore Land Authority beforehand to get approval for the location!

17. Uniquely Singaporean

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: Dapper Pictures

Bring in local flavours to your photographs with uniquely Singaporean motifs like our supermarkets, public transportation or mayhaps your local hawker centre? It will be a real treat to show off your country’s trade marks especially if you will be inviting many overseas relatives and friends over to celebrate your big day.

18. Home

Image Credits: One Eye Click

If you made it this far through the list and are starting to get mind-boggled by all the logistics of these concepts, well, why not have it at the comfort of your own home? This gives a more authentic and candid imagery to your photos. If you feel like your nest does not have a pictorial enough vibe, consider asking a friend or relative to lend their homes to you for a day.

19. Hotel

Image Cerdits: aMusephotographer

Many hotels in Singapore are known for their impressive amenities and rooms, why not take advantage of this all-in-one location for a wedding shoot? You can have a chill shot lazing by the pool or go for a more royal angle at their grand staircases or lobby. 

20. School

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: aMusephotographer

Pay homage to your alma mater if you first locked eyes with your partner in school. Have a major throwback of your budding romance and revisit different areas of the school in your uniforms (hopefully they still fit!). Write love notes to each other in class or sit together on the bleachers for the ultimately storybook high school photoset.

21. Rocker

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: Pinterest

Should you and your significant other love a certain genre of music, like rock in this instance, this will be perfect for you. Dress up as a rocker and draw inspiration from bands like Paramore, AC/DC or Guns ‘N’ Roses and grab an electric guitar to top it all off.

22. Tropical

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: BV Wedding Photography

If only planning a wedding was like taking a tropical vacation in the Bahamas, but it can be! Circle your theme around one that is tropical, think coconuts, flowy maxi dresses and palm trees. If you are skeptical about beating the heat in Singapore, opt for an indoor cafe that boasts woodwork and plants aplenty as a cooler alternative.

23. Underwater

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: Unsplash

This is for the adventurous couple who want to go for a truly extravagant theme. Underwater images aren’t impossible, but it takes a lot of effort and trial and error with your photographer. Swimming pools are largely recommended if you are taking them in Singapore unless you are able to jet over to nearby islands with crystal clear waters.

24. Vaporwave

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: Unsplash

This is one for the gram. Mostly used in street photography on Instagram, this neon lights theme is equally eye-catching and a twist from the usual night-skyline theme. Vaporwave provides a more casual pre-wedding photoshoot with their edgy style so prepare your leather jackets and slide on those shades too!

25. Amusement Park

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: Unsplash

Calling all adrenaline junkies! From Disneyland to Ocean Park and our very own Universal Studios Singapore. If you can’t resist a rollercoaster or a ride along a merry-go-round, incorporating them into a shoot will be easy as pie. If you want to go for a more old-school approach, search out the latest Uncle Ringo locations or wait for the annual Marina Bay Carnival for a more authentic feel.

26. Culinary

pre-wedding photoshoot theme ideas
Image Credits: Time Shutterz Photography

Did your date nights involve whipping up a feast in the kitchen and savouring vin chaud wine with glistening steak cuts? Replicate those cheeky moments in the kitchen with a culinary themed shoot, in your own home kitchen or a more romantic setting such as OUE Social Kitchen.

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