What do you do when you want to have a romantic beach wedding, but, for one reason or another, can’t have that wedding at a real beach? Create the next best thing — a beach-themed wedding!

Whenever you hear beach wedding, casual and carefree are two words that come to mind. You want everyone to have this mindset to have some serious fun, so make arrangements to have a laidback but beautifully organised affair.

  1. If possible, hold it in an outdoor venue. Ask any of Delegate’s wedding planners for ideas on excellent wedding venues.
  1. Have a plan in place in case of a weather problem, in case it gets too hot or when it rains. Your venue manager should be able to handle this.
  1. Have the sound of the sea as your faint background throughout the ceremony. The sound of the waves lapping as the cool breeze glides through will transport everyone to a magical place of calm and romance. Make sure this doesn’t overpower the microphone for the wedding vows.
  1. Ditch the over-styled, heavy gowns and formal suits. Wear something simpler, in fabrics that are light and airy.
  1. For a picture-perfect wedding, consider a sunset wedding and an all-white attire for everyone: men, women and children.
  1. For footwear, the bride and bridesmaids can still look elegant in not so high wedges, flat sandals or ballet flats with delicate beading. Your flower girls can wear matching flip flops.
  1. As a colour motif, the beach theme makes extensive use of coral, blue and the natural shades of sand.
  1. Line the aisle with traditional lanterns to light the bride and groom’s path to the wedding ceremony. Or you can install tiki torches for added exotic touch.
  1. The women of the wedding party (maid of honour, bridesmaids, mother of the bride and groom) can wear oversize straw hats for sun protection.
  1. Make sure everyone is comfortable. Give out paper hand fans for your guests to fan themselves.
  1. Make use of seashells, starfish, pebbles, sand, pearls and fresh flowers in your attire, decorations and wedding party favours.
  1. Use linen table covers. For table centrepiece, use floating candles, with bits and pieces of seashells scattered around them.
  1. Serve a variety of delectable seafood dishes, grilled meat and vegetables, and cold salads for the reception party. Ice cream would be a welcome treat on a hot day!
  1. Treat your wedding guests to some piña colada, mai tai or mojito and other tropical cocktails, plus some lemonade, citrus punch or iced tea. Don’t forget those cute cocktail umbrellas.

Remember, It’s your big day. Go give yourselves and your guests a beach wedding experience to remember.

(Image Credit: Beach Wedding)