Rustic weddings are charming, laidback and budget-friendly. This is a unique wedding theme that’s different from the usual cookie-cutter wedding conventions. To create this, here are five essential elements that you need to consider:

1. Location, Location, Location
The best way to pull off a rustic wedding is to choose the right location. There ought to be hints of simplicity and naturalness in the chosen venue. Barns, gardens, parks and spacious backyards are not only budget-friendly, but also picture perfect.

2. Wood
Wood is an essential element in any rustic wedding. Complemented with the right lighting, it gives character to the whole theme. Wooden crates, walls, tables and chairs are often used for the reception venue giving it an earthy, warm vibe.

3. Chalkboards
You’ve probably seen chalkboards used as signage in the church and the reception hall. Handwritten messages or signs on chalkboards are not only helpful but also adds to the small details of the wedding. Chalkboards are easily found in craft stores and bookstores, which make them easy to procure.

4. Burlap
The burlap material is a great addition to the naturalistic element that the wood tones give. Use burlap as chair sashes, banners, table runners or tablecloth. Burlap is neutral in colour, which makes it easy on the eyes. Also, this gives florists more leeway in adding more colors in their flower options.

5. DIY decor
Couples have a lot of freedom when it comes to decorating a rustic wedding, such as being able to display quirky and charming DIY decor.

Did we miss out on any elements that make a rustic wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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