2021 Singapore Wedding Trends you must know

2020 was an unpredictable and challenging year,  where many couples had to make the difficult decision to postpone, reschedule or downsize their weddings. With the start of Phase 3 and the gradual easing of restrictions in Singapore, 2021 is set to be an exciting new year for weddings! While the guest list has been updated to accommodate up to 100 guests, safety is still the utmost priority. Take note of social distancing and have fun safely! If you still have plans to postpone, make changes to the wedding catering or anything else, it is important to let your guests know at the earliest timing.

Without further ado, here are six trends we have forecasted for 2021 that you can take inspiration from for a joyous but safe wedding! 

1. Intimate weddings

2021 wedding trends
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Intimate weddings of a smaller guest list are on the rise in Singapore due in part to government regulations, and also to changing tastes in how weddings are conducted. Smaller and compact weddings are preferred as they are more cozy, making the celebration of love more meaningful. Previous trends of sending mass invitations are gone. Enormous sitting arrangements are also out. Trending in 2021 will be an intimate celebration with an immediate circle of close family, bridesmaids and bestmen, and is all about the quality of time spent together commemorating the big day. 

2. Outdoor weddings

2021 wedding trends
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Outdoorsy weddings are in! Popular wedding venues such as The Halia and Latteria Mozzarella Bar come with a view and include lots of greenery. Weddings with lots of floral foliage and a carefree kampong vibe are a surety for the most memorable day of your life. Another popular choice for outdoor weddings is the beach, which is on the rise to be the new host of Singaporean weddings. Given that Singapore has a variety of beaches and lots of seaside resorts, couples taking advantage of the fresh air with a cozy group of loved ones can host a comfortable wedding amidst the sound of the sea and even have a BBQ or beach volleyball session planned for guests! 

However, don’t forget that we’re in sunny Singapore – the weather will play a big part in your outdoor wedding. To keep you and your guests comfortable in the heat, do prepare umbrellas and sunscreen in advance, ensure your venue has proper air ventilation, and consider having a casual dress code for the wedding. More importantly, craft a full-proof contingency plan in the event of rain. Apart from preparing another indoor venue that is easily accessible, a fun contingency idea is to get your venue to prepare hot drinks to soothe guests in case they get caught in the unfortunate weather! 

3. Simple, casual wedding outfits

2021 wedding trends
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With intimate weddings gaining popularity in 2021, brides are also choosing to scale down their outfits. Casual and breathable wedding dresses are becoming a popular choice for a relaxed look during the celebrations. A knee-length, flowy dress is a great option to allow the bride to dance and feast during her wedding. Opting for pastel colours such as light pink and blue can emphasise the casual vibe, while soft fabrics like silk can keep the dress elegant. 

4. Mask decor

wedding trends
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With the pandemic and social distancing regulations, masks are here to stay. But it doesn’t have to be all gloomy and dull. As couples continue to plan for a safe wedding, an innovative mask can add the final spark to your outfit. Personalised wedding masks in a variety of different styles that matches your wedding outfits can bring an invigorating touch to your wedding day. The bride and groom can coordinate their mask decorations to show off a look of solidarity and unity. In addition, brides can work together with their makeup artists to create a seamless and mask-proof makeup look.

5.  Cotton Flowers

 wedding trends
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While flower gowns were all the rage in 2018 and 2020 was the year for preserved flowers, we see cotton flowers having their moment in 2021. Not only are the fluffy white puffs symbolic of purity, they also look like cute marshmallows! Furthermore, they are a practical choice. They are low maintenance, have a fresh fragrance and can withstand warm and cold temperatures. For flower pairings, cotton flowers look best when paired with eucalyptus garlands or lavender flowers. They can decorate the wedding banquet tables or even come as the lucky wedding bouquet! 

6. Virtual livestreaming

2021 wedding
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The final participant of 2021 weddings is virtual livestreaming! As a newcomer in 2020 weddings due to COVID-19 and social distancing, virtual livestreaming via zoom and other digital apps are here to save the day. In light of the pandemic, the digital assistant is set to complete 2021 weddings by connecting loved ones scattered across the globe and allowing Singaporean couples to share their big day with those who are unable to attend! Digital screens may not replace the authenticity of being an active participant in the moment, but livestreaming is a convenient and bright solution that can replicate the celebratory moods of weddings and allow others to join in on the moment. As weddings get more intimate in 2021, livestreaming their big day to extended family and friends is a great way to support a wonderful wedding. 

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