6 Ideas For An Unconventional Wedding Guest Book

When it comes to wedding guest books, you’ve probably seen many of the same old traditional ones. Why not get creative for a much more fun and unique guest book of your own that can also double as an artwork in your home or an instant decor at your wedding reception?

Get inspired by these fabulous alternative ideas to record all the guests who came to celebrate your special day:

Photobooth Guest Book

Have your guests take funny / wacky photos in the photobooth. They then choose their favourite photo and paste it to your wedding guestbook / scrapbook. You can make it freestyle and have them write or draw whatever they want on the scrapbook pages. Or choose only one of the following for all guests to write: a message, a story, a love poem, or song lyrics.

Fortune Cookie Guest Book

For an Asian twist to the photo guest book, prepare little strips of rolled paper made to look like those little fortune cookie messages. Guests write their wedding wishes for the couple, and then paste the strip of paper below the photos.

Musical Wedding Guest Book

For the musically-inclined newlyweds, here’s a variation of the photo guestbook. Use music sheets as scrapbook pages. Guests paste their photo on each page, and below it, write a love song title and / or part of song lyrics that either describes the newlyweds or expresses a wish for them.

Postcard Guestbook

Have your guests write their messages at the back of a postcard. Choose postcards that are in line with your wedding theme. Black and white or sepia postcards for a vintage wedding, or famous landmark postcards for a destination wedding. After the wedding you can display the postcards in an album or have these framed.

Thumbprint Guest Book

This personal thumbprint guest book can be a thumbprint tree, balloon, or peacock artwork. Prepare different colour ink pads (with washable ink) and an illustration. The basic illustration would either be the tree branches, balloon strings or peacock body with white feathers.

Your guests put down their colour thumbprints either as the leaves, balloons or peacock feathers. Place a pack of baby wipes on the table for the guests to wipe off the ink on their fingers. Then, your guests sign their names by their prints. After the wedding, frame your new piece of artwork for display in your home.

Quilt Guest Book

Have your guests sign or draw on different squares of fabric. Place a cardboard underneath to avoid the fabric marker from bleeding through. After the wedding day, hire a seamstress or quilter to sew the squares together to create your sentimental wedding quilt.

Something Personal

Instead of an ordinary guest book, find an item that’s personal and meaningful to you both. It can be a guitar, surfboard, a wine bottle, a vintage map, or a favourite book, that you can ask your guests to sign and later display in your home.

Wedding Caricature Board

Hire a caricature artist to draw the bride and groom’s portrait and let the wedding guests sign on it at the reception. Have it framed afterwards.

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