It is a common mistake for most couples to not pay too much attention to their wedding favours. That’s why most guests go home and end up throwing away favors into the bin. To avoid that from happening on your big day, here are some of our suggestions:

  1. Chocolates

If there’s one wedding favour that everybody would love, it’s chocolate. Especially fresh, fine chocolates, like Singapore-based Artisan Chocolatier Anjali Chocolat. It’s a special occasion, so choose products that are of good quality and fine taste.

Molten Chocolatier, another Singapore-based chocolatier, also offers delectable fine chocolates handmade in Belgium and France.

  1. Healthy Items

If many of your guests prefer healthier diet choices, why not give them what they like? You can give out mason jars filled with healthy tea leaves or nut butters.

  1. Eco-bags

This is something that your guests will never throw away. Eco-bags are useful, casual and affordable. Surprise your friends and family by personalising the bags with the details of your wedding or their own name.

  1. Photo booth snaps

Nothing brings back memories faster than a photograph. If you’re on a tight budget, hire a photo booth supplier not only as a source of fun and entertainment but also as a favor supplier. Most of them have their own artists who can design your photo frame according to your wedding theme or personal taste.

  1. Cupcakes

There’s always room for dessert! Make sure to choose suppliers that have great reputation and feedback from past clients. It would also be a good idea to do taste tests before making a final booking. If you like how it tastes, your guests will most likely have the same reaction.

  1. Succulents

Not everyone has a green thumb. Thank goodness for succulents that can make any home look cozier and effortlessly greener. Your guests will definitely admire beautifully packaged succulents. This might even be a great opportunity for your guests to begin a new interest in plants or gardening.

  1. Kitchenware

Factor in necessity when choosing wedding favors. Bottle openers, canisters and mason jars are just a few of the kitchen items you can hand out to your guests. They’re affordable and immensely useful.

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