Should You Hire a Live Band or a DJ for Your Wedding?

Make your wedding party a smashing success with the best music there is. The right music on this important day sets the mood for the occasion and ensures that you and your guests have a great time. When planning a wedding, this music dilemma often crops up: live band or DJ? What’s the better choice: the exciting energy exuded by a live band or the wide-ranging, all-original songs in a popular DJ’s playlist? It’s a tough decision to make, and one that you must carefully weigh. Here are some important points to consider when looking to hire either a live band or a DJ:

Live Band

With its seasoned musicians, vocalists and instruments, a live band will likely have more impact than a DJ. Having a live band is a traditional choice. Your wedding day is bound to be emotional. What’s more emotional than the soundtrack of your life being played live? And there’s simply nothing else like live music to get everyone excited for an afternoon or evening of dancing. Guests who are not inclined to dance will still enjoy watching the live entertainment.

Wedding Buddies

Wedding Buddies is a full-time band that provides great music and entertainment at weddings. They are one of the most sought-after wedding bands all over Singapore, cutting across genres and languages while making sure your perfect day has an unforgettable soundtrack!  Wedding Buddies would love to meet you and discuss how they can make your dream come true on what will be the best moment of your life!

Image Credits: Wedding Buddies

Glittering Carousel Live Music

Glittering Carousel Live Music is a Singapore-based live music entertainment company that offers top-quality performances and even more. They are well versed in performing at elegant weddings, corporate events with fun themes, as well as intimate private affairs for guests who prefer something on the smaller side and specializes in providing high-quality musical performances. All of their clients will find wonderful memories created through these beautiful services that touch hearts!

Image Credits: Glittering Carousel Live Music

A Little Dream Live Music

A Little Dream Live Music is a band that will help you realise your dream of having access to live music at your wedding. They bring together experienced and passionate musicians in order to provide a one-stop service for couples, from providing lyrics on a song sheet, playing instruments during practice sessions with friends and family members who may need accompaniment at their wedding ceremony as well as those looking for backing tracks after mastering guitar chords by themselves. They create a memorable experience with you on your most special day!

Image Credits: A Little Dream Live Music


More than just being the person who plays all your favourite songs, the professional wedding DJ is the glue that holds your party together. A good DJ knows how to sense the mood to get the party started and keep it going. He needs to have a wide-ranging music collection that will allow him to create a custom playlist for your happy occasion. This playlist includes your own favourites as a couple and songs from different eras and genres that your guests will also enjoy. Choosing a DJ is relatively simpler compared to a band; you have to deal with only one person. You get to hear your favourite songs as performed by the original artists, and the DJ’s musical repertoire is wider than that of a band, which is usually limited by its preferred music style.

Adrian Wee

Adrian has been DJing in Singapore’s nightlife scene for over 15 years. He started by working at and promoting some of the most exclusive clubs around town, before finally taking on a job as a manager to one of them last year. He has such power, who can set the tone of your reception! 

Image Credits: Adrian Wee

Patrick Oliver

Patrick Oliver is one of the most sought-after DJs in the world. After starting his career sooner, He has been performing on stages all over Europe and Asia for decades now. When he’s not playing at nightclubs or festivals, you can find him DJing private events. You’re going to have the most beautiful party at your wedding, courtesy of the most talented DJ in town!

Image Credits: Patrick Oliver

Seng Wei

Seng Wei was a university student at the time when he entered into the music scene, deep in electronic dance. His style is funky and progressive house with an infusion of tech and organic elements. He transcends any boundaries between different genres without abandoning his core sound: moving floors for all audiences. Your wedding night will be the best when you hear his mixes of pieces of music!

Image Credits: Seng Wei

So how do you know whether to hire a DJ or a live band? While hiring a DJ is generally more affordable than a live band, a DJ simply can’t match the drama and energy of a band’s live performance. In deciding to hire either a DJ or a live band, consider your personal taste, your guests’ preferences, your budget, and the available space in your venue for a DJ or band to perform. To find the right one, ask to see videos of past wedding performances of prospective bands and DJs. Either way, choose one with a reputation for providing quality music and for ensuring that guests have a fun and memorable time.

Whether you’re looking for a high-energy band or a hip DJ, choose from Delegate’s talented pool of musicians and DJs to make your wedding party an enjoyable and meaningful one.

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