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8 Clever Tips from Expert Wedding Planners

Wedding guides and tips are a dime a dozen, but nothing beats a good old experience in making sure that nothing goes wrong on the biggest of big days. Wedding planners have probably seen it all, and we’ve gathered some clever and probably never heard of before tips and tricks from some experts.

Keep tabs on the budget with a ‘Wants’ and a ‘Needs’ list

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The first of 8 wedding tips we have concerns finances. Budgeting isn’t romantic, we get it. At the same time, starting off your marriage buried in debt isn’t particularly romantic either. Creating a realistic budget is massively important. Knowing your non-negotiables as a couple will help you manage your budget better. The ‘needs’ list consists of the items you need to have to make the event work, such as the venue, catering and photographer. The ‘wants’ are the items you get after the needs are taken care of, like ornate centerpieces or customised favours.

Investigate wedding blackout dates

tips for picking dates
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In the midst of budgeting, you’d have to think of possible venue dates and locations for the big day. The process of budgeting for your wedding can be difficult, but it’s worth the hard work in order to make sure you have a memorable day. You’ll need to think about potential locations and dates that will fit within your desired budget so keep these things on hand before planning any other aspects or details of the celebration.

Ask and you shall receive

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This is in relation to your interaction with wedding planners or vendors. They should be your go-to, most-trusted experts during the process of planning for the wedding. There’s no need to be scared to ask, it is your big day after all! Hence, when working with them, you should feel free to be completely honest as you explore what it is that you want or envision for your wedding day!

Let’s talk about that guest list

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This can get rather tricky, depending on the scale you originally intended your wedding to be. Maybe you’ve always wanted a big celebration with every single half-cousin or secondary school classmate invited. Or maybe you prefer a low-key kind of wedding with only close friends and family in attendance. Whichever is your preferred cup of tea, it is essential to prepare the guest list in accordance to their priority. Yikes, might sound rather cold but that’s how it is. Going overboard is rather easy but do keep in mind the number of guests invited is directly proportional to your budget!

Wedding outfits

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Figuring out your bridal style can be a little bit of a hard task. Maybe you can start scrolling through Pinterest to help with that! Once you’ve got your style nailed on, it’s time to shortlist bridal boutiques. Find one you have confidence in when it comes to pulling off your desired style. If you’re planning on a bespoke wedding gown, start early. This is to avoid the situation where there isn’t enough time for your gown to be made. The same goes for the grooms too!

Have an emergency kit ready

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By emergency kit, we don’t mean the usual first-aid supplies! To be fair, those counts too. Always good to err on the side of caution, am I right? The emergency kit we are referring to would have items and knick-knacks specific to your wedding needs. some items you’ll want to have ready would-be fashion tape, needle and thread, safety pins, bobby pins, flip flops, deodorant, mints, an umbrella, a power bank and extra cash just in case! Trust us, you’ll thank your lucky stars if they happen to come in useful on your wedding day.

Serve a late-night buffet

buffet supper
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Most of the older guests will tend to leave right after your reception program, but your crowd and the younger ones will tend to stay longer for the after-party and drinks. Why not serve them some comfort food? A new trend, and an amazing one at that, is the option of serving a late-night buffet. Try tacos, sliders, onion rings, French fries. You can let your mind go wild on this one. Guests will love you for saving them from going on a post-wedding supper trip!

Don’t rush through it

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At the end of the day, planning for a wedding is a long, long process – for everyone involved. Let’s face it, none of us have ever taken a crash course in planning the biggest day of our lives, right? So, it’s completely normal to feel happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time (Taylor Swift reference, anyone?) The key here is not to do too many things at once and have it snowball around you. If you’ve not confirmed your wedding date, don’t go hiring vendors just yet. Taking it one step at a time is sure to save you from experiencing total burnout. Happy planning!

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