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Creating a new home that both you and partner will love

Home is both a physical and emotional embodiment where you seek comfort and shelter after a long day of the hustle and bustle of life. After marriage, you’ll want to look to creating a new home that both you and your partner will love coming back to every single day. Moving into a new house is a long and tedious process, but it’s all worth it in the end when you realise that home makes up both a place and a person you love. Your home should be a place of comfort that best represents both you and your partner’s unique personalities. Here is a list of what new homeowners need when creating the perfect home with their partners!

Plan out your ideal interior design theme

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First and foremost, you have to decide on what kind of style, colour scheme and theme you’ll want to go for in your new home. Figure out what kind of common aesthetics that you have with your partner so that your house will have a classy and uniformed look. There are endless possibilities as to how you can turn the space into the home of your dreams; it almost seems unreal on how you should start! You can talk to an interior designer for help or refer to these design tips for a timeless home you’ll never get bored of to boost some inspiration for your new home design!

Fill up your rooms

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Decide on what kind of rooms you think you and your partner will require. If you’re planning to have children in the future with your partner, you’ll have to set aside some space for children’s rooms, baby cots, toys, and other types of essentials. Children take up more space in the house than you think! Besides that, you can also consider having a home office if your work requires you to work from home, or even a gym room for you to take a break and work out from time to time. Apart from your bedroom, the function of each room in your house should be planned beforehand. The size of the rooms differs according to how much space you require for certain activities.

Ensure comfort around the house

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As your new home is where you will kick back, relax and unwind in your private space, it is important to prioritise comfort! Consider splurging a little more on a soft and comfortable bed, or perhaps the living room sofa, seat cushions, pillows and any other areas that you can see yourself taking a break away from your hectic schedule. Spice up your home decor a little with fun and quirky furniture like colourful bean bags, swing chairs or recliners, where you can find peace in lying down in other areas of your house besides your bed. After all, coming home from a long day of work should make you feel comfortable and at ease!

Go green with house plants

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Adding plants to your new home has a whole list of benefits you didn’t know existed until you read this post! Plants are easy on the eyes, helping to boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity, which is especially crucial if you are someone who works from home. Placing a cactus next to your computer screen can be very powerful in absorbing radiation from the screen or your other electronic devices. You don’t have to buy large and complicated plants if you don’t think you have a knack for maintaining them. Start small with cute tabletop succulents or even self-sustaining terrariums that also look adorable as home decor! You don’t have to worry about overwatering and maintenance with these houseplants that can easily be grown in water for your new house.

Add a dash of personalised touch

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Adapting to a new home can be challenging when you’re not used to certain things. It can even be hard to sleep at night because of how foreign your environment feels. Consider adding personalised trinkets of both you and your partner’s evidence of life and happiness in your new home, and you will feel more welcomed whenever you step into your new house. These personalised touches can come in the form of framed pictures, paintings and posters, hobby collections on display, and even personalised mugs that you’ve owned previously before moving into your new home.

DIY around your new house

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Though you can bring in your personal items to make your new home feel more unique to you and your partner, you can consider taking the next step through DIY decor! Creating your own decor will make you feel more attached to your new home as you will feel a sense of accomplishment into contributing to this space. This can range from big projects such as painting the walls of your house, to small things such as pillow embroidery. But remember to leave the large scale work such as wallpaper and flooring to the professionals if you’re not feeling confident doing it yourself! 

Create a prioritised list of essentials

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We know how excited you must be to finally have your own home and having unlimited possibilities to styling it according to your dream home ideas. However, it’s vital to consider the essentials first! What is it that you absolutely must need in a house? A bed, kitchenware, toilet essentials, lamps, electrical appliances and more? Create a prioritised list of essentials to bring into your new home first, and you’ll have as much time as you want to go crazy with other interior design decorations.

Organise the littlest things

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One of the most important things to lay down is the organisation of clutter you have! Storage boxes, organisation shelves, closets, cupboards and drawers- where does each item belong? Sort it out with your partner and make sure each item has its own designated spot. You wouldn’t want to misplace items and waste time searching for things that were not where you had assumed they would be. Everything you were used to in your old household might be different from theirs, so remember to communicate and sort it out!

Set up curtains and blinds

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One of the most overlooked household decors is curtains and blinds. Besides aesthetically adding onto your theme and style of your new house, curtains and blinds play a massive role in blocking out sun rays to keep the house cool, and ensuring privacy, especially in homes with substantial balcony windows. Many people might think that installing curtains is a huge hassle, especially since they tend to be thick and heavy, tough to maintain, and require professionals to set them up correctly. Don’t worry- setting them up is only a one-time thing while you can refer to this guide on how to maintain your curtains and blinds to ensure that they’ll stay clean for longer!

There are many stages of moving into a new home, such as renovation, furniture building, and moving trucks that can be very complicated. This is just a brief guide of things for you and your partner to consider when creating a new home design. Therefore, you can head over to SPH Home&Decor’s New Homeowners Club for a more comprehensive guide on buying and creating your new home. As Singapore’s leading interior design magazine, they’re here to guide you on your journey to becoming the proud owner of a new home that you love!

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