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How to avoid wedding planning burnout

There’s so many little details to take note of when planning your wedding- you’re almost going crazy with the non-stop planning every single day! Wedding planning burnout is when your body becomes mentally and physically tired, and you’re feeling overwhelmed by your extending wedding plans that seem to go on forever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s real, and you can almost feel the effects of it creeping up behind your shoulder soon. Careful, you don’t want to bottle everything up inside you and unleash into a bridezilla on your big day! 

How long more can we keep up with the continually changing regulations during this pandemic? Rest assured, there’s always a bright light at the end of the tunnel! With the new phase 3 update of having up to 100 guests for wedding ceremonies now, things are looking up, and you can resume your wedding planning in Singapore soon! Be sure to practice safe social distancing of up to 1m and zone your guests during phase 3. We’re here to help you tackle or avoid that nasty feeling of a wedding planning burnout. You can also check out our tips to make sure you don’t turn into a bridezilla here!

Plan and create checklists

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Before starting any wedding planning, it’s always vital to plan! Make use of wedding checklists, reflection journals that include your thoughts and feelings towards certain vendors, or even just tracking your progress to tell yourself that you are doing good. Keeping yourself organised will help you to take every part of your wedding step-by-step and not feel flustered when things get out of hand. You can check out Delegate’s budget and venue checklists here for inspiration of how you can go about doing this!

Set a fixed amount of time for planning

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You can’t possibly be planning your wedding 24/7! That will definitely be too stressful for you, both mentally and physically. Set aside a certain amount of time per day, perhaps 2 to 3 hours, solely for wedding planning only. After this timing is up, stop doing anything related to your wedding planning entirely for the rest of the day. It is important to not break out of your daily routine because it upsets the balance of your emotional mind and creates a sense of unease with the disorganisation.

Do things that make you happy

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Though this might sound straightforward, it’s always easy to forget to do things that make you happy when you are always busy. Besides your wedding planning, you might be busy throughout the day with work or just general household chores. Sure, these things are part of your daily routine, but you should take some time out of the day to relax and do something that will make you genuinely feel happy. Sometimes, you don’t even have to leave the house to do so. It could be picking up a new book, putting on your favourite brand of face mask, or even playing a computer game. It’s hard to plan for your wedding when you feel tired and bored from doing mundane tasks throughout the day. Set a reminder to have a little fun during your extra pockets of time!

Talk to your support pillars

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It is important to realise that you are not alone. The weight of wedding planning is not solely on your shoulders. Talk to your loved ones, your pillars of support, to share the burden of stress and seek help. Whether it is your partner, your family, or even your bridesmaids and groomsmen. The conversation doesn’t have to be about your wedding planning- you can talk about anything under the stars! Communication helps to boost emotional strength and elevate your happiness and social skills. Don’t coop up alone in your house facing the four walls and your wedding plan- progress is tough when you’re not feeling up for it.

Hire a wedding planner

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Wedding planning is tiring since there are endless aspects to overlook and a new experience for you, since weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event of your life. Sometimes, having your family and friends to help might not be enough. Hiring wedding planners are key to a successful wedding because these professionals have had years of experience with many different types of people and weddings. You can relax a little when you have a wedding planner by your side because they can help you make the magic happen while you share your dream wedding and ideas with them. You can check out Delegate’s list of wedding planning vendors here!

Seek out couples who are in similar situations

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You might be feeling an immense amount of stress during this period of global panic. With the constant postponement and cancellation of your wedding day, when can you finally stop prolonging this “wedding planning” period and enjoy your honeymoon with your partner? It might be tough to discuss your problems with your friends who don’t fully understand your situation. This is where the internet comes in. Seek out telegram group chats or online wedding forums to find Singaporean couples who are also going through the same situation as you are! It helps when you can talk to and receive advice from couples who are trying their best to make the most out of the current situation as well.

Anticipate feeling frustrated

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One thing to remind yourself- mistakes are inevitable in weddings. It’s true! Though everyone wishes for the perfect wedding, it is nearly impossible to avoid mishaps. Anticipating mistakes that are about to come isn’t jinxing it to happen, but rather, it helps you to prepare and plan a course of action for it when it happens. It is vital to tell yourself that mistakes are typical, and you accept feeling frustration and move on. It is normal to hate wedding planning; there is just so much to do! But if you take everything a step at a time, things will eventually fall into place. Here are 5 possible wedding day emergencies that might happen and how you can fix them for your reference!

Avoid comparing with others

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Throughout this period of wedding planning, you might be thinking about many negative things like “why didn’t we hold the wedding ceremony earlier like them? or “why didn’t we sign this package that was more flexible with their cancellation policies like them?”. Comparing with what others have done is naturally one of the first few thoughts one would have when going through a tough obstacle. This is the period where you should go on a social media cleanse! Social media puts our perspectives through a rose-coloured glass. Everyone’s lives seemingly become ten times better than ours, making us feel jealous and down. Pause your apps for a few days and focus on yourself and your mental well-being.

Go on a romantic date

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It’s normal to have conflicts and disagreements when discussing your wedding plans with your partner. After all, everyone has a different idea of what their dream wedding will look like. Don’t let this wedding planning affect your relationship! Take some time off to bring your partner out on a date and enjoy the food and the moment, without talking about your wedding plans. It’s always better to pause and start discussing again when you’re both in a right headspace. You might even be inspired to find aesthetically pleasing locations for your pre-wedding photoshoot while on your date. Check out some cool photoshoot theme ideas here!

Things may get tough and hectic the closer you get to your wedding date, but as long as you follow these tips and take things a step at a time, you can tackle any wedding planning problem with ease. Remember always to prioritise your mental and physical health first. Here at Delegate, we’ll support you to get you back on your wedding planning pace amongst this pandemic. We also have other wedding hacks here that are sure to ease you of all your wedding nervousness here!

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