Essential Wedding Stationary You Need For Your Big Day

A wedding. Organizing a wedding. Suffice to say that it involves A LOT of things to think about and plan. No matter the wedding, this also means you will need to print things. Before you decide on what you want to print through the online printing services in Singapore, it’s always a good idea to compile a list of items you need for your big day. 

Today, we’ve put together a list that can keep you focused on which products you need to print, and make your wedding and the reception/party as epic and memorable as possible.

Before the Wedding 

1. Invitation Cards 

First off, you need to design and order custom printed cards to invite all of your guests. Crucial information that your wedding cards should contain: date and time of the wedding, address of the venue (quite obviously), and some interesting artwork (usually a nice picture of the soon-to-be husband and wife). If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also indicate a theme/dress code for the wedding. If the venue is quite complicated, some directions and/or a subtle map might be useful too. Card printing should be prepared months in advance, so be sure to have your cards ready by then!

During the Wedding 

2. Stickers 

Custom printed stickers are great additions in any part of your special day as they are affordable and easy to personalize. They can be used in a variety of ways, such as labels for tables, decorations for your little gifts, or even decorations for your invitation cards! Thanks to the wide variety of materials available when it comes to sticker printing, you can customize amazing stickers for the perfect props on your wedding day.

3. Menu 

Food is an integral part of weddings, and people usually look forward to this part a lot. Make them hungry, whet their appetite with your custom wedding menus. The menus can come in different formats, depending on how crafty your orders are. You have plenty of options when it comes to printing menus, simply look into flyer printing, leaflet printing or even booklet printing!

4. Tags / Bookmarks 

Tags or bookmarks are as flashy as stickers. They make great ornaments for your gifts or table decorations. You can include the date of your big day, your name and your significant other, or a simple note to thank your guests for coming! Using tags or bookmarks is optional, but it does add to the atmosphere of your wedding, the more the merrier!

After the Wedding 

5. Photo Books 

The wedding day is over, everybody had a great time. You most probably hired a professional photographer (or a couple of them), and you ended up with a lot of awesome pictures. Surely, you’re going to make a photo album with the best of them so that you can enjoy memories of this day for the rest of your life. Since you’re already doing this, you might want to share a little photobook with your guests as well, containing the best or most interesting pictures. This photobook can serve as a little thank you for all the guests that attended.

6. Thank-you Cards 

Finally, thank-you cards can be an optional item to have after your wedding day. Sending wedding thank-you cards are thoughtful gestures which acknowledges that you received a gift or kindness from your guests. With the right material, you can first customize and print your own thank you cards, then write a personal note of appreciation and the guest’s name on your thank-you card. You can even include wedding photos with your card too, for the extra finishing touch. 

Get your items printed swiftly and on time 

Now that you’ve looked through our list, it is time to get prepared before it’s too late! With the available online printing services in Singapore, it is easy to print all of your needed products without going through any printing shops. Moreover, if you’re in a rush or simply excited to see your printed products as soon as possible, you can get started with Ontimeprint. Simply go through their product catalog to find everything you need to be printed, and leave it to Ontimeprint to deliver them to you on time.

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