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Meet Bells and Birds, one of our partners for the ongoing Beauty and Lifestyle Giveaway. Winners will receive $180 wellness vouchers for Atos Wellness, $100 travel credits for Anywhr, $100 voucher for Bells and Birds, $100 of credits for Delegate and 6 months’ worth of products from the PsLove Company!

In this post, have a look through the various types of handmade robes Bells and Birds offer, from lace to satin and plain to patterned, before hearing from Amanda about the inspiration behind her beautiful brand.

The name “Bells and Birds” is a namesake for “wedding bells and lovebirds”. Amanda had always been fascinated with lovebirds and how they are sociable, affectionate and loyal, just like how she envisioned the brand to be. She then merged lovebirds with how wedding bells resonate with joyous occasions and the name Bells and Birds was created.

Bells and Birds has been around for 3.5 years and the company was created because Amanda wanted to give brides and their moms an exquisite option to wear on their big day. Having been caught unprepared in the hotel’s batik robe on her own wedding day, she hopes to offer other brides prettier options and to not be caught in the same situation.


All of the robes from the brand are handmade and the production takes anywhere between four hours to a few days. Amanda gets the inspiration for the robes from the lace that she sources.

“Lace is such a romantic and everlasting fabric, it will never go out of style.”

Lace comes in a variety ranging from the rare and vintage to breathable and comfortable. Hence, they will base the design of the robes on the fabric of the lace rather than the other way around.

Her current personal favourite is the Rose Quartz French Lace Robe. “Handcrafted from a delicate pink lace with scalloped trims and finished with a narrow pink satin sash, it is truly beautiful and perfect for boudoir,” she says.

Photo credit: All photos above are from Bells And Birds. 

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