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How to drink your wines 101

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Imagine this, you kick off your shoes after a long day at work that seemed to never end. You unscrew the top off your refrigerated supermarket wine. Your tired limbs sink into the couch as you finally raise your cup of wine to your lips… and I am going to stop you right there.

Wine needs to be properly drunk, in a glass no less and have you ever questioned the type of wine you grab of the sale rack of the supermarket shelf?

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“But I’m just a regular working-class adult, I don’t need fancy glasses or know which wine to pair with Foie Gras?”, I hear you.

Well, Cellarmaster Wines begs to differ and are here to educate us on wine etiquette 101. We are already familiar with their wine selection (with a special promotion for our Delegate readers only that can be found here).

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So, let’s dive into their events and workshops! Cellarmaster Wines has a myriad of events that you can find on their website for the amateur to the vino connoisseur. One of their more popular masterclasses would be their Riedel Glass Tasting, as they are firm believers that glassware can either make or break the taste of the most expensive red.

Most masterclasses will even let you bring home a set of crystal wine glasses that they have used so that you can bring them out during your next dinner party to wow your guests on your new-found knowledge.

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If you are looking for an excuse to savour great food and even greater wine, try their wine-pairing dinners (or brunches, we don’t discriminate). Be it Italian cuisine or Chinese gastronomy, you will be able to find a delicacy that will tickle your fancy, paired with complementary wines to ignite your palate. Now you’ll know which bottle to bring for your romantic dinner to impress your date. Some of us just want to know how to distinguish red wine from well… other red wines.

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Be spoilt for choice at their wine tasting events, where you will be able to taste from over 250 top rated wines. Imagine walking around sampling wines all afternoon with friends and great conversations, it is certainly an afternoon activity you won’t want to miss.

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If you’re already at the edge of your seat wanting to know where to sign yourself up for any of these events, keep reading on because we have a treat in store for you. Cellarmaster Wines has generously offered a discount of $5 to any person attending their events via Delegate. You can find out when they are happening by clicking here! So why wait, prepare to wow yourself with Cellarmaster Wine’s highly rated workshops only on Delegate.

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