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15 Special CNY Home Bakers who will add a homemade touch to your celebrations!

Home-based bakeries are Singapore’s hidden gems and the underdog to established brands. Entering the baking scene with nothing but their own sweet tooth and passion for making baked goods, countless creations of deeply unique macarons, cupcakes and other sweet delights are made. To usher in the Year of the Ox, these home bakers are bringing their own creative touch and spin to the traditional CNY goodies. Be it a traditional pineapple tart or a chocolate filled brownie, there will be a home bakery suited to your liking. Without further ado, here are the local home bakers who are at the forefront of Singapore’s sweet retreat this CNY!


Image credits: Fedufat

Fedufat is the new talk of the town for sinful delights such as burnt cheesecakes and lavender pound cakes. This CNY, they’re baking delicious pineapple tarts, cornflakes dripped with honey and chocolate as well as butter and coffee cookies. Made with love and without preservatives, these treats are a surefire way to light up your CNY festivities. Fedufat has their own vision of abundance during CNY, making a bundle deal so you can order them all in one package without hassle and fuss. Shop this home baker to add a personal touch to your CNY celebrations!

2. Mochiijuubakes

Image credits: Mochijuubakes

Mochijuubakes is a creative Singaporean home baker that makes seasonal creations inspired by Japanese and Korean craftsmanship with a local twist. Their affordable and giftable homemade bakes are made with honest and choice ingredients such as Golden Churn Butter & Anchor Butter. Their CNY Bake sales include goodies such as pineapple tarts, golden egg roll love letters, Hong Kong egg tarts and a colourful assortment of Dacquoise pastries. There is no shortage of sweet things to add a personal and homemade touch this coming CNY!

3. Sweet Scent Kitchen

Image credits: Sweet Scent Kitchen

Sweet Scent Kitchen is the one-stop shop for delectable sweet goods. Hoping to bring out the sweetness to all people who cross paths with them, this Singaporean home bakery packages their baked goods into modest jars and tins for delivery to their customers. Their signature almond cookies and seasonal new creations such as pineapple tarts for CNY delight their loyal customers and can be shared amongst family and friends. Don’t forget to try out their crispy cornflakes cups and crunchy Florentine Crisps to complete your CNY goodies collection!

4. Madame Chiffon

Image credits: Madame Chiffon

An array of flavours await the taste buds of chiffon lovers this upcoming CNY! Madame Chiffon uses premium ingredients without any preservatives, alcohol, pork or gelatin to create quality and healthy cakes. Putting a Singaporean spin to the traditional chiffon cake, flavours such as Ube, Gula, Black Gold and Pandan are a hit with their loyal customers! Other mouth-watering goodies are Chocolate Gao, Matcha and Earl Grey. Baked fresh before delivery, place your orders and get 10% off with a minimum purchase of $88 during the Lunar New Year Virtual Bazaar!

5. Kitchen Culture Online

Image credits: Kitchen Culture Online

Established in 2007, the mother-daughters tag team behind the Muslim-owned Kitchen Culture Online saw demand for their pineapple tarts surge as people loved the melt-in-the-mouth taste of the home baked treat. Indulge in their bestseller, the Nutella tart, the cookie that never fails to disappoint the Nutella or chocolate lover. Other delectable creations such as almond and peanut cookies, crunchy mini spring rolls are also fan favourites that are baked to perfection and guaranteed to satisfy palates of all ages.

6. Little Feet Bakery

Little Feet Bakery CNY home bakers
Image credits: Little Feet Bakery

Little Feet Bakery is a home bakery that specialises in making macarons. Striving for perfection in this finicky yet delicate dessert, Little Feet Bakery’s macarons have smooth and chewy crusts that are sandwiched with generous filling. Get your macaron cravings satisfied at a limited promotional price of $13.80 (U.P. $15.50)  during the Lunar New Year Virtual Bazaar.


Image credits: ARDER

Founded in late 2020, Arder is a Muslim-owned home bakery that centers around the Basque burnt cheesecake and other cheesy delights. Made with a touch of decadence and a whiff of personalised affections for cheesecake, this home based business adds good old-fashioned Nutella and Southeast Asian flavours such as Ondeh Ondeh to their quality cheesy creations. As promised, it’s Ader-ly good!

8. Bonsbakes

Image credits: Bonsbakes

An incredibly personal startup bakery business, Bonsbakes is all about going the extra mile for that sweet tooth. What started out as a small venture turned into a startup home bakery for the founder, Sonia Tay, who takes pleasure in baking and personalising sweet treats for others. From mouth-watering chocolate cookies and soft brownies to bubble tea birthday cakes and snowman macarons,this home bakery  will definitely add a personalised touch to your CNY celebrations!

9. Batteroffbaking

Batteroffbaking CNY Home bakers
Image credits: Batteroffbaking

Pie crust bottom, mascarpone & cream cheese frosting – these are a few of the quirky spins that this local based business has for the ordinary little cupcake. Coming this CNY in innovative new flavours to spice up your CNY, this one-student-show strives to bring happiness to others through homemade bakes. Because as the saying goes, she’s just “batter off baking”

10. Tiramizus de sensare

Tiramizus de sensare CNY Home bakers
Image Credits: Tiramizus de sensare

Tiramizus de sensare is a Singaporean home bakery that is focused on cool tiramisu, brownies and other pastries for a sinful treat. Made with lots of cream and care, you can order a full size tiramisu or lots of small mini ones to share with your loved ones. Durian and Baileys are some of the most popular and beloved flavours of this home bakery. Buy a Classic 6 Inch Original and get 2nd Classic at 30% off at the Lunar New Year Virtual Bazaar!

11. SweetDyels SG

Image credits: Sweet Dyels SG

Sweet Dyels SG is the one-stop-shop for gifts with a touch of indulgence and edible delight. Offering affordable yet high quality bakes, they contain only halal and premium ingredients. With Sweet & savoury desserts boxes, festive cookie jars and loads of CNY hampers, this bakery has endless possibilities for you to pamper yourself and your loved ones! During the Lunar New Year Virtual Bazaar, receive a free dessert and free delivery when you purchase CNY bundle hampers over $100! 

12. SugaredFlour

Image credits: SugaredFlour

SugaredFlour is a new home-based bakery run by a mother and daughter duo who aims to bring unique and yummy bakes to brighten up people’s day! To usher in the Year of the Ox, they’re bringing you a wide range of CNY goodies, such as butterscotch cookies and chocolate almonds. In addition, their Singaporean pandan cookies and Swiss rolls are jaw-droppingly good and a must-try! Made with care and love, catch them at the Lunar New Year Virtual Bazaar this week!

13. D’Puffway

Image credits: D’Puffway

 D’Puffway is a home-based business that started out of love for baking. Thanks to the affirmation and support from loved ones, this Singaporean home baker was motivated to venture out and make a business out of their passion. This year, they’re taking a peanut butter spin to the traditional CNY cookie – don’t forget to give it a try!  

14. The Crane Grain

Image Credits: The Crane Grain

Indulge in a jar of new pineapple tarts, Classic Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Chip cookies, and Hazelnut Sablés from The Crane Grain this CNY! Their pineapple tart recipe has been in the family for 20 years and their  secret lies in the pineapple jam that is hand grated to yield strands for unparalleled texture, and simmered over 8 hours for a deep, tangy pineapple flavour. Taste the goodness and don’t miss this home baker at the Lunar New Year Virtual Bazaar

15. The Double D Cups

Image Credits: Double D Cups

The Double D Cups is a Singaporean home baker who serves up Cheesecake Cuppers to share belly-ppiness, with a side of cheekiness! Centered around inclusivity, our Cuppers come in AA and DD sizes. They’re definitely a tease on your lips because, who says you can’t have dessert before dinner? 

This CNY, Double D Cups will be featuring 2 exciting festive flavours: Bakkwa Cheesecake Cup with Pork Floss toppings and the Pistachio and Mandarin Orange Cheesecake Cup. Get your hands on them at the Lunar New Year Virtual Bazaar

Final image credits: Kitchen Culture Online

The Lunar New Year Virtual Bazaar

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